We're Not Exaggerating–Everyone at Paris Fashion Week Wore These Shoes

Hannah Almassi

Since last year, the white-shoe trend is one that's been gaining ground. Sure, there are other things that automatically make you look rich—diamonds are a girl's best friend, and wearing taxi heels (you know, the ones you can't really walk in but can be used with a chauffeur in tow) are all well and good—but nothing beats white shoes. Why? Well, by keeping them pristine, you've nailed an instant status-making way of saying "I look after my wardrobe, and I don't run through puddles to get to the bus."


The Style Stalker; PICTURED: Street Style at Paris Fashion Week

They've successfully ditched their trashy '80s reputation, and now a pair of gleaming courts, sandals or ankle boots will nicely punctuate any outfit (especially if you're wearing black). They've also received plenty of designer approval from the most revered sources, so you're safe in the knowledge that white shoes are truly sophisticated.

And if you needed more proof, everyone at Paris Fashion Week has been wearing every iteration of this shoe colour to the shows. From slouchy boots to spiky stilettos as well as loafers and mules, we found that every street style star's shoe of choice was of the white variety. Keep scrolling to see these and more white shoe styles in action, and shop our favourites below.

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