12 Jewelry Brands For Girls With Minimal Style

12 Jewelry Brands For Girls With Minimal Style

If you’re a sucker for dainty, barely-there jewelry, we’ll go ahead and say you love a sleek and polished look. To embellish your super-simple style just a smidge, we gathered our favorite minimal-inspired jewelry brands for you to explore.

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    Ariel Gordon Jewelry

    Ariel Gordon creates dainty pieces that are perfect for layering.

    ​Shop our pick: Ariel Gordon Jewelry Love Knot Necklace ($264)

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    PHOTO: @brvtvs

    This New Yorked-based jewelry line blends masculine and feminine touches to produce pieces that are dainty and refined.

    ​Shop our pick: BRVTVS Constantine I Necklace ($150)

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    Catbird NYC

    PHOTO: @catbirdnyc

    Catbird is your stop for teeny, tiny stackable rings!

    ​Shop our pick: Catbird Dark & Stormy Star Ring ($122)

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    Gabriela Artigas

    PHOTO: @ladyartigas

    The sisters behind Gabriela Artigas create everyday statement jewelry you can effortlessly transition from day to night.

    ​Shop our pick: Gabriela Artigas Delicate Bracelet Cuff ($154) in Yellow Gold

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    PHOTO: @giantlion

    Each handcrafted piece is inspired by nature, history, and symbology.

    ​Shop our pick: giantLION Bar Stud Earrings ($144)

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    Jacquie Aiche

    Jacquie Aiche’s mission is “to create jewelry that will make every woman look and feel uniquely beautiful.” Mission accomplished!

    ​Shop our pick: Jacquie Aiche JA Assorted Bezels Ear Cuff ($275) in Silver

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    Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry

    Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry offers personalized necklaces that are still super stylish.

    ​Shop our pick: Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Sahara Bracelet ($198) in Gold

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    Monica Vinader

    If you’re looking for a simple and sleek bracelet, Monica Vinader is your answer!

    ​Shop our pick: Monica Vinader Fiji Rose Gold-Plated Bracelet ($190)

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    One Jewelry

    PHOTO: @onejewelry

    This collection ranges from everyday to elegant pieces, each made to feel contemporary, yet wearable.

    ​Shop our pick: One Jewelry Kimberly Earrings ($365)

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    Sarah & Sebastian

    This Australian design label will quickly become your go-to for quality and timeless jewelry.

    ​Shop our pick: Sarah & Sebastian Trinity Diamond Ring ($290) in Black Diamonds

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    Vrai & Oro

    PHOTO: @vraiandoro

    You can easily work these beautiful jewelry basics into your office or weekend wardrobe.

    ​Shop our pick: Vrai & Oro Circle Necklace ($135)

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    PHOTO: @wwake

    WWAKE has the coolest collection of uniquely designed rings.

    ​Shop our pick: WWAKE Open Triangle Ring ($350) in Yellow Gold

    What's your go-to jewelry brand? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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