How To Master The Shoes Selfie

How To Master The Shoes Selfie

We’ve already covered how to take awesome Instagram photos in general, and have now moved on to master classes including how to excel at the flat lay, and today’s installment: how to take the best shoe selfies.

Scroll down for our game-changing tips so your footwear can be ready for the spotlight sans any of common the hang-ups (we’re talking veiny feet and weirdly giant legs).


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    Tip 1: Put a grid on it.

    PHOTO: ViewFromTheTopp Instagram

    Take your photos with a grid overlay, so that you can make sure your feet are lined up evenly. If you plan on posting shoe selfies periodically, you’ll also want to place you feet in the same area of the photo for consistency. The examples here are appealing, because they are all shot dead center. On iPhones you can add a grid to your camera in settings, or simply take the photo within the Instagram applicacation, which also has built-in gridlines. 

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    Tip 2: Stick your butt out.

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    The key to making your legs look their best is to stick your butt out while you take the photo. It might look silly, but it will put your legs at a flattering angle. 

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    Tip 3: Minimize foot veins.

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    If you really want to commit to the best photo, take thirty seconds to sit or lay down and put your legs in the air. We know it sounds crazy, but it will drain the blood from your legs and feet, which will temporarily minimize any popping veins on the top of your feet. For fair-skinned ladies, it will also make your feet look less red and/or pink. 

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    Tip 4: Look for interesting backgrounds.

    PHOTO: ViewFromTheTopp Instagram

    The surface you’re standing on is just as important as your adorable shoes for adding visual interest to the photo. Look for tiles (we especially love hexagon tiles for a cool minimalist look), brick, or patterned rugs. 

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    Tip 5: Take the photos from the same height.

    PHOTO: ViewFromTheTopp Instagram

    Whether it’s your bellybutton or your hips, find your ideal height and stick to it. Consistency is key!

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    Tip 6: Accessories add interest.

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    Holding a cute clutch in one hand is an excellent idea. You can also accessorize with a potted plant on the ground or a furry friend. 

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    Tip 7. Wear cute shoes.

    PHOTO: ViewFromTheTopp Instagram

    This one is a bit of a no-brainer, but the cuter the shoes, the more likes you’ll get. Also if your toes are exposed, go ahead and treat yourself to a pre-shoes selfie pedicure.  

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    Have you ever taken a shoe selfie? Share your tips with us in the comments below!

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