9 Cher Horowitz Quotes That You Could Totally Use in 2017

Elinor Block

Where were you when you saw Clueless for the first time? I was at my best friend's house when I was about 12 because my mum thought it was a little too mature for me at the time (she was probably right). After watching it, I became obsessed with saying "as if!" and "totally buggin'," just so I could sound like Cher Horowitz. But of course, the biggest influence Clueless had on my life (other than my vocabulary) was my wardrobe. Immediately I wanted to wear a plaid skirt suit (alas, that never happened), heart-adorned T-shirts (I got one from Miss Selfridge) and knee-high socks (the less said about that, the better).

Of course, watching the film a couple of decades later (yikes), I realise that it still stands up as one of the best and most hilarious '90s movies of all time. While on my first watch I didn't get everything Cher was saying, now when I watch it, it's clear she has some razor-sharp lines. True, she's pretty catty, but she can be super sassy and smart, too. From brilliant one-liners, as well as funny put-downs, there are plenty of quotes that I still stand by today. Keep scrolling for nine of the best Clueless quotes from Cher Horowitz.

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