The Best Breathable Fabrics for When It's Crazy Humid

Nicole Kliest

I’ve always overheated easily. I blush at the blink of a hat, the back of my neck turns piping hot, and sweat appears in just about every possible crevice of my body (sorry, gross). So when I moved from breezy California to erratic New York, I knew I was in for a real treat. But coming off the heels of my first anniversary with this city, I’m wiser and more prepared to deal with whatever temperature, gust of wind, or humidity percentage comes my way.

So what’s my secret to avoiding these embarrassing bouts of extreme heat? It’s all about the breathable fabrics. That’s right, your silk shirt has no place for summer’s scorching months. Instead, reach for items made from cotton, linen, and chambray to keep yourself as cool as possible. Scroll down to find out why these work, and shop my picks to stock up.

What do you wear to stay cool during the summer? Tell us in the comments.

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