Where Brooklyn Girls Love to Shop

Jessica Schiffer

Brooklyn girls are known for having a style all their own—it’s fashion forward without trying too hard, making it that much cooler. Like French ladies’ je ne sais quoi, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what makes these Brooklyn girls' style so covetable, but hitting up their favorite boutiques is sure to get you closer to nailing the look.

As such, we asked some tried-and-true Brooklyn chicks where they love to shop in their borough, and we're sharing their favorites with you! You don't have to travel to snatch up the best shopping in Brooklyn—these local favorites have online stores you can browse from home. The best part is that these independent retailers sell unique pieces you can't get anywhere else and you get to support small businesses while you're at it.

Scroll down to learn about the best shopping in Brooklyn from girls whose style we love.

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