Metal Allergies? A Complete Guide to Hypoallergenic Jewelry

Carson Olivares

Always Judging

As someone with moderate metal allergies, I can attest to the difficulties of curating a perfect jewelry collection. Those trendy, inexpensive pieces tend to leave me itchy and flaunting a not-so-cute rash. And as a result, my jewelry collection is much more limited due to the absolute necessity for quality pieces. There’s no such thing as an impulse purchase as every new addition is carefully weighed by the item’s worth and how much I’ll realistically be able to wear it.

To shed some light on the matter, we consulted our friends at Brooklyn-based jewelry brand Catbird to help break down what metals you should steer clear of if you have sensitivities, and what to wear instead.

Keep reading for our complete guide to hypoallergenic jewelry!

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