7 Trendy Jewelry Pieces That Have Graduated to Staple Status


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We already featured the wardrobe staples that were once trends. So today we’re taking a peek inside the accessory world and sharing seven items that have transitioned from trend-to-try to jewelry-box staples. From loads of dainty rings and necklaces to a certain earring trend that has dominated the jewelry industry the past year, each popular style has evolved into a classic. Keep reading to see if you agree and let us know how you style each item at the end. 

Scroll down for seven jewelry pieces that were once a trend!

1. Dainty Rings

2. Ear Cuffs and Ear Crawlers

3. Choker Necklaces

4. Dainty Necklaces for Layering


5. Edgy Cuff Bracelets

6. Non-Traditional Pearl Pieces

7. Personalized Pieces

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