Ignore the Other 245 Pairs of Zara Shoes and Just Buy These

It's been a minute since we filled you in on the latest and greatest Zara shoes, so here we are. At press time, there were just under 250 shoes in stock, so, as we do, we perused all of them so you don't have to (not that it's a chore). It's hard to go wrong when it comes to Zara footwear. The number of covetable options is vast, but there are currently three pairs that are practically begging us to buy them: two kitten heels and a pair of statement-making boots. To sweeten the deal, they're all under $100, so you can feasibly buy all three sans guilt. Find out what makes them so special (if it isn't already obvious) and shop them below.

If you haven't gotten your fill yet, don't worry. We've got more great Zara finds right this way.

Opening Image: The Style Stalker