7 Zara Items That Are Currently Less Than $20

Welcome to our new shopping column, Add to Cart, where each week I'll be showcasing my favorite must-have products found within our new app, SHOP/Who What Wear.

The Zara sale is a fashion phenomenon we anticipate all season, and in case you haven't noticed, it actually lasts a really long time. The shame is that once it starts, we mildly freak out, buy every single item we've been eyeing, and then never go back. But the truth of the matter is that Zara continues to drop its sale prices until everything is gone.

While scrolling through the SHOP/Who What Wear app, I noticed sale prices so low, I could barely believe my eyes. Here, I have rounded up the best Zara sale items that are still in stock in multiple sizes for your shopping pleasure. Because what's better than a cheap afternoon shopping pick-me-up? One that's under $20, that's what.

Go on to shop the best Zara sale items still available on the SHOP/Who What Wear app.

This top will add interest to your everyday denim. 

Elegant enough for a black-tie dinner and subtle enough to wear with something casual. 

Those sleeves are guaranteed to get compliments. 

Just the reworked button-down you've been searching for. 

Spice up your work wardrobe with one pair of trousers. 

Another poplin shirt to add to your ever-growing collection. 

Because one shoulder is better than two.

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