6 Street Style Outfits That Make Zara Look Expensive

If there is ever a time to dress to the nines in head-to-toe designer, it's easily fashion week. With that being said, there were a handful of street style stars who slipped Zara pieces into their glorious wardrobes this year, and if it weren't for our unhealthy obsession with the brand, we wouldn't have even noticed. Thanks to their ingenious styling techniques, the affordable items they chose to incorporate into their ensembles were somehow made to look SO expensive. 

How do they do it? For some, mixing in designer pieces definitely did the trick, but for others, it was a matter of choosing the right colors and prints, textured accessories, and third pieces, and exuding the right amount of confidence needed to know you can wear a pair of $60 glitter boots and look like a million bucks. I feel like it has officially been proven once and for all that you don't need to spend the next three month's rent to look chic. If some of the biggest street style stars shop at Zara and proudly display their favorite pieces at fashion week of all places, we can rest assured knowing that affordable pieces are welcome in the fashion world forever and always. 

Keep reading to shop the Zara pieces street style stars snuck into their fashion week outfits this year!