Meet the Zara Models You See More Than Your Friends

Here at Who What Wear, we spend so much time on Zara’s website (it’s what we like to call “workshopping”) that the models start to feel like old friends. We know their signature poses and whether or not they like to smile, and we are quick to notice any changes in their hair length or color. And, truth be told, we even get a little sad when Zara rotates in a new group, as it recently did.

Luckily, there are a few standbys. But when it comes to who these women really are, we’re less educated—after all, there’s virtually no information about them on the site. As such, we decided to do a little digging to identify the models we tend to see more than our actual friends. And we’re not going to lie—it wasn’t easy! Most of the faces Zara uses remain a mystery to us, but we did manage to pinpoint five of our favorites.

Scroll down to learn about five of the awesome models featured regularly on!