Calling It: These Will Be the Biggest Cult Zara Items of Fall 2019

Zara Fall 2019


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Each season, there is always a handful of Zara items that it feels like everyone owns. For example, this summer it has been these white strappy sandals that either you own or all your friends own—or both. Click into that story and you'll understand the level of cult status I'm talking about when I describe the Zara products ahead. While I don't know for certain that the pieces below are going to take off, after studying Zara like it's my full-time job (I mean, is it not?), I feel comfortable banking most of my fictional money on the selection ahead. 

When it comes to overly popular Zara products, there does tend to be a pattern. Most of the time, these products are on-trend but not too crazy and are prepped and primed to be Instagram gold. In other words, they are very photogenic. Ahead, you'll shop some of fall 2019's biggest trends that fit within these criteria. If you're in the mood for a seasonal shopping haul, get your carts ready for the Zara products ahead because they are destined for fame. 

Both colors are about to be all over your Instagram feeds, just wait. 

For sure one of these two white dresses is bound to catch fire thanks to the ode to period pieces we saw come down the F/W 19 runways. 

Everyone loves a slip dress, especially one that's black with crystal straps for under $100. 

Remember these sandals? These are Zara's fall 2019 take on them. 

If you don't head to Zara for an affordable floral dress, you're doing something wrong. This romantic goth version (thanks to the styling, at least) is one we are predicting will really take off. 

Over-the-knee boots can ring in at a steep price point, which is why most shoppers head to Zara to snag a cheaper pair. This particular version comes in multiple colors, each more wearable than the next. 

Grab one of these in every color before everyone else does, trust us. 

Pink or blue? Pick your poison because these Bottega-esque slides are bound to be everywhere. 

Another standout floral dress women worldwide are bound to add to cart. 

This sheer button-down is Instagram gold. Layered over a slip dress or with a little tank or bra top, this piece is one we are anticipating being a major hit this season. 

Last season it was those belted trousers, and this season we have a feeling it will be this belted mini skirt that takes over. 

These also come in pink, but this bright blue is a new color trend that's definitely bubbling. 

Big blazers are going nowhere but can often be expensive. Fashion girls will definitely try to save a buck or two by purchasing this one. 

A sleek heeled sandal is a must in any season, and these look insanely expensive. Between the black and the nude color these come in, one of the two. if not both, is bound to be a crowd favorite. 

Another nod to the "back in time" trend everyone's talking about. We give this outfit an A+ for styling, so take notes people. 

Headbands and hats were spotted all over the runways this season, but it's this scrunchie trend that we are placing big bucks on. 

Yes, this dress is expensive, but compared to other sparkly frocks out there, it's still pretty affordable, meaning fashion girls will be seriously considering it for their slew of special events. 

Speaking of expensive-looking dresses, expect to see this number all over the street style scene come fashion week this September. 

Dark romance was another major theme for fall 2019, and these croc combat boots are the perfect accessory to get the look. 

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