This Might Be the Most Genius Zara Item Ever

While perusing Zara's crop of new arrivals this week, we spotted an ingenious item among them that serves a multitude of purposes. The item in question? A pair of on-trend minimal ballet flats that are foldable and come with their own sleek zip-up carrying case. You simply throw them in your bag for your workday commute or any night out when you foresee painful heels potentially putting a damper on your evening.

Although the portable shoes aren't yet available for shipment, do yourself a favor and sign up for the email updates so when they do arrive in stock, you can purchase a pair of the $40 to 50 flats for yourself—and a few for holiday gift to have on hand. The comfy flats come in silver metallic, black suede, mustard satin, and pink satin, each of them the most stylish relief from uncomfortable shoes on the fly that you'll find right now. 

Shop each color below!

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Opening Image: Zara

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