Zara Just Launched the Perfect Strappy Sandals in Time for Wedding Season

This year, Zara has really excelled with its footwear offering, with a white strappy pair of sandals, in particular, earning cult status way back in March. The retailer just launched another shoe collection in time for wedding season, and there is a pair of strappy sandals that I think might be even more popular than the original white pair. These shoes have a knot detail at the toe and ties that loop around the ankle, and they come in a green metallic finish, a bright pink and an azure blue.

These are part of Zara's Blue Collection, which is a more luxurious shoe range than its main line, as these shoes use premium leather trims and can be identified by their ocean-blue soles and emblem. If strappy sandals aren't for you, there's also an amazing pair of bright-pink or blue metallic court shoes and sandals with rainbow-coloured metallic straps. Keep scrolling to see the collection that has just landed on Zara.

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Emma Spedding