I Asked My Friends to Send Me Pictures of Their WFH 'Fits, and They Actually Did


Miss seeing all of your friends? You're not the only one. Being separated from some of my favorite people during this time of social distancing has been difficult, as I'm sure it is for everyone. While I am beyond thankful for technologies like FaceTime, Zoom, and House Party, I was itching for an alternate way to connect with the people I love most, so of course, I asked them (forced them) to send me a photo of their go-to working-from-home outfits, along with a quote to accompany their photo of choice. Some of my friends really went for it, meaning they posed and carefully picked out an outfit they love, while others literally rolled out of bed and snapped a blurry mirror picture for me. Some actually just ignored me, but I won't get into that. Let's just say my list of favorite friends will be officially edited once this story is live. 

What you wear while working from home (if that's what you have the privilege of doing during this time) only matters if you want it to, but since it's my job to provide as much positive sartorial inspiration to our readers as possible, I thought you would all find it both entertaining (particularly their quotes) and comforting knowing that you are, in fact, not the only one who has been living in the same sweatpants and not washing your hair for a month straight.

Whether you're in desperate need of some entertainment (seriously, read their quotes) or in the mood to shop some practical new pieces to work from home in, this story will not disappoint. Oh, and major shout-out to my friend group who entertains my weird requests and demands. I love you and miss you.


(Image credit: @annieshao)

"Ever heard of WFB (work from bed)? It’s the new WFH." — Annie Shao 

Get the look:


(Image credit: @bil__al__)

 "Wearing a fun print and putting together an outfit while working from home, even if it’s just loungewear, can make you feel more productive." — Bilal Abdallah

Get the look:


(Image credit: @haleykiss)

"I haven’t done my hair or makeup in three weeks, so wearing a matching set is the only thing I can do to make myself feel put-together." — Haley Kiss 

Get the look:


(Image credit: @mattgmeyer_)

"The woman at Target said, 'I like your shirt.' It says 'No Problemo' by Aries. That’s the attitude. I was buying toilet paper, a toothbrush for my boyfriend, and cereal. I've been living in this bucket hat of choice by APC x Brain Dead, Lululemon shorts, and furry Birk clogs." — Matthew Meyer

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(Image credit: @gbelgiorno)

 "This bodysuit was intended for a night out, but pairing it with old sweats makes it perfect for staying in and learning new choreography to keep me creative and sane!" — Graceann Belgiorno

Get the look:


(Image credit: @taylorrmckay)

"I love the colored mayhem of bleach dye, so I thought I'd put together a sweatsuit during quarantine. It's hard to find matching hoodies and joggers for men, so I did my best and, unfortunately, the navies didn't match perfectly. But it created a two-piece outfit, which I can wear separately or together. If I gotta stay inside, I'm still gonna drip." — Taylor McKay

Get the look:


(Image credit: @mackennamillet)

"This is my 'I don't want to brush my hair, spending hours on TikTok, baking cookies at 9 a.m., feeling blessed that no one has tagged me in the Instagram push-up challenge yet' look." — Mackenna Millet

Get the look:


(Image credit: @clevortrevor_ and @austindwhittle)

 "Welcome to the runway, runway. Oversized sweater inspired by the one and only, Miss Ariana Grande; black sweats because no New York outfit is complete without a touch of black; and slippers to help my feet stay warm while on the way to the fridge for a refill of sauvignon blanc during my fifth rewatch of Lady Bird." — Trevor Alvord & Austin Whittle 

Get the look:


(Image credit: @nicoleakhtarzad)

 "What can I say? Leggings, a tank, and Ugg slippers are as good as it's getting right now. I am proud of myself for throwing that sweater on for a pop of color, though. Go me." — Nicole Eshaghpour

Get the look:


(Image credit: @elizagracehuber)

 "I've been wearing these satin, extra-baggy drawstring pants from & Other Stories constantly since day one of WFH. I ordered three pairs; that's how much I love them. (BTW, they’re on sale.) I'm definitely not one to get super dressed up to sit at my dining room table and work, but at least in these and a strand of pearls, I feel like I've done something besides just slipping out of bed and getting started on work." — Eliza Huber

Get the look:


(Image credit: Courtesy of Robby Gouveia)

"I'm a jeans and a T-shirt type of girl." — Robby Gouveia 


(Image credit: @brielle_forman)

"Hi from South Florida! While we may be working from home, that definitely doesn't stop me from throwing on my go-to gold hoops each morning and making sure my fingers are fully stacked with all my favorite pieces of jewelry. From Eriness pavé eternity bands to Jacquie Aiche dome rings, they make me feel complete. It's day 91383765653427 in this quarantine, and tie-dye sweatsuits have completely taken over my wardrobe. For me, it's super important to try and stay positive during this time. The second we come out of this, I'm squeezing all of my friends super tight and never taking anything for granted!" — Brielle Foreman 

Get the look:


(Image credit: @choistory_)

"I would be lying if I said I got dressed every morning. And no chic loungewear for me, either. I've actually been exclusively wearing school merch. I mean, I didn't even go to Duke… Perhaps it is the comfort of feeling unified by simply wearing something with the school mascot or proudly sporting your varsity team gear—a sense of belonging, the togetherness in the time of fear and separation. Or maybe I am just reading too much into it, and I am just lazy." — Anny Choi 

Get the look:


(Image credit: @matthewrickman)

"Always ready for a virtual date." — Matthew Rickman

Get the look:


(Image credit: @michaela_bee)

"This is my 'all my sweats are in the laundry basket so I guess I'll choose the next best thing' look. The slippers (which my dad always takes from hotels, but please don't tell the authorities) are pretty much nonnegotiable footwear for me at the moment." — Michaela Bushkin 

Get the look:


(Image credit: @ryankopilnick)

"This is legit the coziest sweatsuit I have ever put on my body. And it's 3/4 the price of my Thom Browne sweatsuit I was originally going to send you. Who the hell doesn't love matching gray sweats? This is comfort, affordability, and looks bomb AF." — Ryan Kopilnick

Get the look:


(Image credit: @mscanga)

"This is all I got, and I'm in my underwear. My tank is Hanes (from the kids' section, which is why it's so tight)." — Michelle Scanga 

Get the look:


(Image credit: @alvinzhoupwns and @christylkey)

"For us, we are both constantly on Zoom meetings (or walking in the background of one another's), so we want to look put-together but still feel comfortable enough to lounge when the cameras are off. This means we are in joggers and our favorite easy tees 24/7. Can't say we're complaining!" — Christy Key & Alvin Zhang 

Get the look:


(Image credit: @clairehunstein)

"WFH 'fit. Also known as the same joggers I've been wearing since March 10."

Get the look:


(Image credit: @samcrann_)

"I'm treating this as my metamorphosis (*cue Hilary*) and expect to emerge with glowing skin and nice hair. That's just a quick behind-the-scenes of why I've committed to looking like a train wreck since this started." — Sam Crandall

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(Image credit: @tarigonzalez)

"The last time I wore this Free People set, I was on a beach in Mexico, and since it still smells like the ocean, I'm wearing it around the house as a reminder that I'll eventually get to leave it. I'm also trying to wear some new pieces I haven't had the chance to wear out yet for fun. These fluffy Sandy Liang Vans are practically like slippers, and my new Chopova Lowena necklace makes me feel like I'm not in pajamas." — Tara Gonzalez 

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(Image credit: @chuck.dailey)

"Sweatsuit inspired by Dua Lipa's 'Physical' workout video." — Chuck Daily

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