What It's Really Like to Work for Dior In Australia

In the elusive world of high fashion, have you ever wondered what it's really like to work at the head office of a luxury brand? Everyone imagines it to be a pretty glamorous gig. We often receive messages on our Instagram and Facebook pages asking our tips on how to best land a job in luxury fashion and what it's like, so we tracked down an ex-staffer from Dior Australia (who has since moved on to another company) to find out exactly what it's like. Is it really as glamorous as it seems? How tricky is it to land a job at one of the most covetable luxury brands in the world?

Below, you'll find our exclusive interview with an ex-staffer, explaining exactly what its like. Keep scrolling!

What It's Really Like to Work in High Fashion


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Who What Wear Australia: What's the office like? In terms of people, culture, and interiors? 

D: The office itself is incredibly chic and very "Dior". Vintage Dior photographs are found all over the white office walls. Every day I was surrounded by hard working, beautiful, and intelligent women. I've always thought of the luxury industry as a swan. Beautiful above the water but you know she's busy underneath. I also believe what makes one great, whether they are a couturier or a perfumer, is their attention to detail, little details really count!

WWW: What did you wear to your interview and how did you land your first job in luxury fashion?

D: As you can imagine, I went through a number of interviews, four to be exact, to land the job at Dior. My first interview I wore a floral shift dress. Christian Dior was inspired by his love of flowers. Flowers are a core identity to Christian Dior's roots and heritage. Speaking to my manager after I was hired, she mentioned I stood out by showing I had an understanding of the brand without having to say much. The last and final interview, I was inspired to keep things classic and wore a white top and a full black skirt. My efforts were recognised straight away, as they they commented on my outfit as  "very Dior" with a smile. Tick! Tick! One thing I kept consistent during my interviews was my nails and ensured my makeup was immaculate.

What It's Really Like to Work in High Fashion


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Pictured: A Dior boutique in 1953

WWW: It's easy to be inspired by the people you're surrounded by daily. Were there certain fashion pieces that every woman in the office owned?

D: The women in the office do appreciate luxury and fine craftsmanship. A number of them would own a beautiful Dior Lady Bag or purse. On a more affordable level, everyone owned the Diorshow Mascara ($55), it was a favourite, and also everyone owned the famous Tribales earrings.

WWW: What did you love most about the working for Dior?

D: The heritage of Dior, which was ingrained in us from early on through inductions and further training. Christian Dior created something so beautiful out of his love for women. During World War ll, there were many restrictions on resources, which included clothing. Dior in 1947 reintroduced luxury into the lives of woman with New Look and became a pioneer in the industry. It is a story that is easy to fall in love with and motivation to excel to keep his legacy alive. It was really hard to leave.

WWW: The final, burning question I have for you. What are the perks for staff at Dior?

D: Dior knows how to treat its staff, that's all I'll say!

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