19 Work-Appropriate Halloween Costumes to Wear to the Office

Is your office throwing a Halloween bash during or after work? Are you allowed to dress up in disguise on or around October 31 rather than showing up in your typical workwear? Then there is just one simple thing to keep in mind: Make sure your costume is work-appropriate because even if your office is down with Halloween, it's super important to keep it SFW (safe for work). That means it may be wise to skip the slightly more risqué, skin-baring, and gory outfits and makeup, instead opting for something that is more, well, HR-friendly.

Need some help with creative costume ideas for work? Then you're in luck because below, we've curated a list of 19 Halloween looks to try if you're unsure about how to dress up. You'll find one of the most popular and, quite frankly, easiest looks to put together. (Sneak preview: Where's Waldo only requires a striped red shirt, a pair of round glasses, and a red pom-pom.) And if you're a movie buff, you'll find plenty of characters costume ideas as well, from a trendy take on Harry Potter to the super-adorable Boo from Monsters, Inc. As you can see, we tried covering it all in the realm of easy, fun, but work-appropriate Halloween costumes to try. Ready to see what we found? Then read on for our office-friendly costume edit.

1. Where's Waldo

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1. A striped tee

2. Round frames

3. Pom-pom hat

2. A Disney Princess

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1. A pretty dress

2. A tiara

3. Anna Wintour

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1. Houndstooth

2. A bob wig

3. Sunglasses

4. Wednesday Addams

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1. A black dress

2. A collared white shirt

3. Black tights

4. Black combat boots

5. Harry Potter

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1. A white button-down

2. Simple black pants

3. Black coat

4. Tie and glasses

6. Audrey Hepburn

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1. Sleek black dress

2. Pearl necklace

3. Black satin gloves

4. Black sunglasses

7. Mary Poppins

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1. A white blouse

2. A black skirt

3. Red bow tie

4. A black fedora

5. Umbrella

8. Suzy Bishop From Moonrise Kingdom

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1. Collared dress

2. Knee-high socks

3. A neutral bag

9. Boo From Monsters, Inc.

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1. A pink dress

2. Purple leggings

3. White sneakers

10. Eleven From Stranger Things

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1. Pink dress

2. Bomber jacket

3. Socks

4. Sneakers

11. Rosie the Riveter

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1. A denim shirt

2. Red bandana

12. Sia

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1. Black Blazer

2. Blonde wig

13. Minion

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1. Yellow tee

2. Denim overalls

14. Mime

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1. Striped tee

2. Black pants

3. Suspenders

15. Carmen Sandiego

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1. Red trench coat

2. Black leggings

3. Black boots