How to Take Part in Women's History Month—No Matter How Much Time You Have

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Happy International Women’s Day, readers! In case you didn’t know (or haven't been on Instagram yet this morning), today is the big day. A day to use your time, voice, and skills to champion women of all ages, races, and walks of life. In fact, March is actually Women's History Month, so beyond today, this month offers a chance to celebrate and champion strong women and the causes and organizations that support and advocate for them.

Since you clicked into this story, I'm guessing that, like me, the thought of participation stresses you out way more than the act itself, and you're in need of a little push. Not to worry, because I've broken down eight ways you can celebrate and support women both today and all month long, and maybe even create some habits that have you making a difference your-round. Whether you only have a second or you can spare a few hours, keep scrolling for some things you can do to help. 

Follow a few organizations or fellow women on Instagram that champion and support others year-round. Something as simple as a follow not only helps you personally get more informed over time, but also helps these people and groups gain much-deserved awareness for their causes. If you see something you like, share it to your stories every once in a while so that others can learn about it too.

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Donate even a small amount to a worthy charitable organization. While your contribution on its own may seem inconsequential to you, imagine if everyone reading this donated even a dollar to a worthy cause… Every little bit helps, and there are thousands of groups out there who are doing extraordinary things for women every day. Just some include Dress for Success, Planned Parenthood, and Catalyst, but you can research more here and here.

Subscribe to newsletters that can keep you informed and up to date all year. Whether it’s something news-focused and female-founded such as The Skimm, or that of an organization such as Women Deliver, which champions gender equality and women’s health around the world, or Create & Cultivate, where you can get career tips to help make your own aspirations come true—there’s always something to be learned, so set yourself up to do so.

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Consider swapping some of your go-to fashion and beauty purchases for ones by brands founded by, owned, benefiting, operated by, and/or created to help women. We actually put up a big, beautiful list of such labels today, so be sure to check it out when you’re done reading this. For now, shop a few of my favorites below.

Catch up on the news! Read a few articles or a magazine that focus on Women’s History Month specifically, or even just women and female empowerment in general. This counts, and so does this, so you can check two off your list. Womankind Mag is also a trove, Porter Magazine is always celebrating incredible women, and you can bet there’s no shortage of inspiration on the International Women’s Day website itself.

It’s podcast time. Did you know our co-founder Hillary Kerr has a weekly podcast called Second Life focusing on career changes that can come at any age and stage of life? Just some of her all-female guests in the last year have included Jennifer Lopez, chef Nancy Silverton, Revolve exec Raissa Gerona, Jessica Alba, Busy Philipps, and Drybar founder Alli Webb.

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Dive into a book. Said book can be anything from something written about or by a female historian to an inspirational memoir to a coffee table book rife with empowering imagery. If you want to take it one step further, start a book club.

Consider volunteering at a local women’s health clinic or foundation, or any of the organizations mentioned above. Whether it’s through a helpline or in person, even giving your time once this month can help someone in your community or across the country. You may even find the experience so rewarding that you’re inspired to volunteer regularly. Volunteermatch is a nonprofit that can help you find somewhere in your city that suits your skills and schedule.

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