Why Women Love Wearing Men's Watches

I’ve always had a fascination with the watch community. Similar to other niche interest groups like art or vintage cars, people who are knowledgeable of and obsess over watches are (in my eyes) very cool. That being said, when you consider these aficionados you probably think mostly of men. The gadgets and thingamabobs that make these timepieces so unique and expensive are almost always attributed to the male population—and it annoys me! I’m drawn to these borderline clunky pieces and don’t think they have to be worn by only men, and after polling the women in my office, I’ve realized I’m not alone.

I gathered quotes from my Clique Media colleagues about why they like wearing men’s (or menswear–inspired) watches, and I have to admit—there were a lot of great points made. See below for their interesting perspectives, and then shop my favorite men’s watches afterward. Also, if you like wearing a men’s watch, be sure to comment and let me know why.


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“I actually inherited a men’s watch from my mom (she bought it for my dad, and then stole it back). I love that it’s simple and understated since I tend to fear anything too flashy.” – Aemilia


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“I fell in love with watches around the same time I started falling in love with men, and for me, the two concepts have never quite parted. I love the slightly oversize look and the naughtiness of looking like you’ve just stolen something really expensive, and vintage men’s watches are exactly the right size to make a statement without weighing you down visually... ” — Kate


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“I’ve found that women’s watches often have unnecessary details that men’s watches don’t. I think there’s a misconception that women need their accessories to be ornate and over-decorated, but to me, in something like a watch that you want to wear every day and for many years, simplicity is key. That’s why, when it came time for me to buy a watch, I naturally gravitated towards the men’s section." – Nicole


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“I love wearing my boyfriend’s watch for three reasons! First, it makes me feel connected to him and shows how committed we are—you just don’t let anyone borrow a Cartier watch! Second, big watch faces are in style right now. Third, it’s awesome to have an ever-growing watch collection!” – Marissa


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“Wearing a men’s watch makes a statement about my personal style in general, the bolder face and thicker band offers a nice way to balance feminine pieces like an engagement ring. It’s all about feeling ladylike with that little bit of edge.” – Christine


Nicole Kliest
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