This Underground Australian Label's Cult Shirt Has Sold Out 4 Times


(Image credit: With Jean)

Last July, the clothing label With Jéan was launched, and to say the brand has been successful would be an understatement. Founded by two friends,Evangeline Titilas and Sami Lorking-Tanner, With Jéan was initially created to fulfill the search for the perfect top to pair with the girls’ beloved jeans—and let’s be real, that’s an experience we can all relate to.

Based on the brand’s sudden popularity, it’s fair to say that the brand succeeded in accomplishing its goal. In fact, With Jéan’s popular Femme Top has sold out; and not just once, but four times. And we guarantee, once you see it, you’ll want one yourself.

While the loose fit gives the Femme Top a relaxed feel, the adorable pattern and cinched tie in the middle give off a distinctly feminine vibe. The brand doesn’t lie: This top looks great with jeans. Is it just us, or does this seem to fit in with our never-ending effort to embrace French girl style? This shirt is just too chic, and luckily for us, it’s back in stock. It’s sure to sell out again, so shop the shirt below while you still can!

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