The Winter 2020 Starter Pack: 7 Seasonal Trends That Just Make Sense

Welcome to the Starter Pack series, a Who What Wear column that dives deep into the seasonal trends everyone's talking about.

It's hard to believe, but winter is quite literally right around the corner. In year's past, I might have said some cheesy statement about time flying by, but we all know that 2020 could not have felt longer. In order to fully embrace the last month's of this very unusual year, I have assembled a fool-proof guide to a stylish and simple winter wardrobe. In other words, your 2020 winter starter pack. 

Ahead, you will find the seven winter trends that retailers and fashion girls alike are championing this season. Featuring a perfect balance of trends and basics, this starter pack will ensure all your sartorial bases are covered as you enter the last season of 2020. No matter what climate or city you're currently dwelling in, the curated shopping list ahead is tailor-made to set your winter wardrobe up for success, even if most of it might not see anything besides the walls inside your house. 



Skintight tops adorned with crazy prints and lettuce trimmings are one of the biggest trends of the season. We're calling them "second skin" tops thanks to the way they sit closely on your skin and can be worn with basically everything meaning before you know it, it will feel like these adorable tops are truly attached to you. 

If you thought you weren't going to find a practical winter trend in this roundup, you were wrong. Puffers are pretty much a winter wardrobe staple, and this year, they've truly stepped it up a notch. While printed versions and unique silhouettes are certainly gaining steam as well, it's the sleek and shiny versions we're particularly fond of. Just scroll down—you'll see. 



Chances are you aren't slipping into your tailored trousers and structured blazers any time soon, so instead of feeling like your usual workwear uniform has completely slipped away, swap it out for comfy co-ords instead. Consider these knitted loungewear sets your official WFH 'fit and get ready to feel comfortable and pulled-together in seconds flat. 

Shop the trend:



Rain boots are one of this season's biggest shoe trends, and while it might feel a tad odd, it honestly really makes sense. Whether you live in an intensely cold climate or are only subject to the "fake" L.A. winters, these wellies will be there for you rain or shine. Pair them with mini dresses, skirts, or tuck your trousers into them as pictured above. 

Shackets are the fall/winter outerwear trend fashion girls can't stop wearing. These versatile shirt jackets come in many variations, but the faux leather versions are our personal faves. Style these buttoned-up like a shirt or open like a jacket. See where the name "shacket" comes from now? Great. 

Looking for a new house shoe that you can also wear outdoors and not look half-dressed? Then clogs are your best bet. Stick to the classics by opting for some simple Birkenstocks or step outside the box with a printed or pink pair from Brother Vellies. 



This year has been tough enough as it is, so why not make the most of your days by wrapping yourself in a bright, extra-loud sweater? Including furry trimmings and crazy prints, do yourself a favor and choose a sweater that gives off main character energy and main character energy only.