If There's One Shoe Style Going in Our 2023 Carry-On Bags, It's This One

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I'm not one to stick to New Year's resolutions let alone write them down in a notebook on December 31, but I do have one goal for 2023 that I'm pretty passionate about: becoming an expert packer. I realized after the last holiday season that something had to change. My carry-on was bursting at the seams, and I had an overweight suitcase filled with items that never made it out of my bag.

I'm 99.9% sure that by 2024, I can master the art of a traveling capsule wardrobe that keeps me stylish in every city, and I'm starting with a pair of Vans All-Weather MTE shoes. This style is a sneaker-boot hybrid that protects you in light to extreme weather conditions, so it's my top shoe choice for all of the trips I have lined up this year.

I decided to turn to some of my favorite content creators and fellow Vans lovers for some much-needed styling inspo. Aïsha Farida, Josephine Francis, and Maya Beatriz came through: Each of them showed me exactly how they're styling the MTEs, and the looks do not disappoint. If you want to see why these shoes are our top pick for all of 2023's adventures big and small, keep scrolling.


(Image credit: @AishaFarida)

"I went with something extremely true to what's most important to me: comfort. I walk an average of 10,000 steps per day, and whether I'm running to catch the train or roaming NoLita on my lunch break, wearing comfortable, warm, and reliable shoes gives me one less thing to worry about. … I can imagine doing most things in the MTE sneaker! They add such a cool edge to any casual outfit, with much more impact than your typical sneaker. … Vans are just iconic. I remember my first ever pair of Vans and how I literally wore them to death until my toe was poking out the front. That's how much I loved them!" — Aïsha Farida, content creator



(Image credit: @josie_francis)

"I'm based in Los Angeles, and winters in L.A. are my favorite. It's warm enough to still feel the sunshine but cold enough to pull out your favorite jacket. It's so simple, but this 'fit really feels like me because I'm wearing a lot of my favorite things: my Vans, my go-to black jeans, and a classic white tee and vest. Whether I'm hiking with friends, going on a walk around my neighborhood, or running errands, it's honestly such a good everyday shoe. Vans are so versatile. They're comfortable and classic, functional and stylish, and generally just make any outfit better! I've loved Vans for as long as I can remember." — Josephine Francis, content creator


(Image credit: @maya.beatrizz)

"This is my ultimate comfort outfit because I always feel safest and most confident in a baggy 'fit. Having a statement shoe like the green MTEs makes styling simple 'fits so much easier because I can build everything around the colorway of the shoe or keep things simple and let the shoes be the outfit. ... I love to wear my MTEs while walking around the city on a shopping day. Walking up and down the streets of SoHo is comparable to a three-hour hike, so having the support and comfort yet cuteness is important for a city shopping day." — Maya Beatriz, content creator

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