15 Outfits That Look Cute Even When It's Pouring Rain

The last thing we want to do during winter when we check our weather app and look outside the window and find out that it’s indeed raining is go outside. There’s something about having to deal with the wind fighting against our umbrellas and avoiding being drenched by passing cars that simply demotivates us to face the new watery world. However, it doesn’t always have to be like this. If you already have waterproof snow boots, a handful of trusty coats, a good Instagram feed, and of course an umbrella, you’re all set. Because if you have these essentials, it’s only a matter of mixing and matching until you get an outfit that is stylishly cute and practical.

However, if you think your Instagram feed is against you and has changed once again your algorithm and you’re feeling uninspired with what you currently have in your closet, you stumbled upon the perfect article. Here we’ve rounded up 15 winter rainy day outfits that will look cute no matter if it’s pouring rain. From fool-proof, all-black ensembles and trusty combat boots paired with practical puffer jackets to red patent ankle boots that are basically the boots you used to wear when you were in elementary school, there’s an outfit that will help you decipher which is going to be your next rainy day look, and guess what? Once you find it, you’re not going to be bothered with the gloomy weather one bit.

These pants will definitely not let the gloomy, rainy day get to you. 

This outfit is rainy day–ready.

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t be chic. 

Patent coats were made for rainy days. 

Keep your belongings dry by opting for a PVC bag on a rainy day. 

Cozy and comfortable. 

Upgrade those red rain boots you used to wear once upon a time to these bold, ankle boots. 

Patent boots are a game changer when it comes to rainy days. 

Who else wants to wear this every time it rains? 

Layer up with a printed raincoat. 

Puffer jacket + combat boots = perfect winter rainy day outfit.

Casual and cool. 

When the weather isn’t that unbearable, you can still squeeze in some chic looks (at least for the ’gram). 

Rainy day tip: Make sure your umbrella matches your outfit. 

Keep the colors on the neutral side to avoid unwanted water stains. 

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