Here Are 15 Outfit Ideas For When The Forecast Is Nothing But Rain

The last thing we want to do in the winter when we check our weather app and find out that it’s raining is to leave the warmth and comfort of our homes. There’s just something about having to deal with the wind fighting against our umbrellas and avoiding being drenched by passing cars that simply demotivates us to face the outside world.

If you find yourself resisting going out because you simply have no idea what to wear to brave the gloomy weather, then you've stumbled upon the perfect article for you. Here, we’ve rounded up 15 winter rainy day outfits that will look cute no matter if it’s pouring rain. From fool-proof, all-black ensembles and trusty combat boots paired to practical puffer jackets and trendy sweatsuits, there's an outfit that will help you decipher which is going to be your next rainy day look. Once you find it, you’re not going to be bothered by the gloomy weather anymore. 



You can still wear dresses in the rain, just make sure it's at a midi-length, and throw a warm coat on top.

You can't go wrong with an all-black ensemble. Goes with the rainy mood, doesn't it?

Who said rainy day outfits had to be boring? I love the pairing of a classic trench coat with printed boots.



Throw a pair of chunky boots over a jumpsuit for an easy one-stop outfit.



Stay cozy and comfortable in a puffer, leather pants, and a pair of wellies.



While I commuted in NYC, this was my go-to outfit when the forecast was rain. The sweatshirt kept me warm and the sneakers kept me comfortable.



How sleek does this vinyl coat look?



A classic leather blazer is the ultimate cool-girl outerwear that won't get ruined by the rain.



Lounge around in a sweatsuit at home and throw a short puffer on to run any errands.

A long puffer pairs so well with anything underneath, even a pair of leggings.



If you're not into classic puffers, try a quilted style this season.



Can you really go wrong with a classic trench coat ensemble? I don't think so.



A funky jacket may not make the rain go away but it will make your outfit cooler.

If you'd rather stick to thin fabrics to layer up without feeling bulky, opt for a warm undershirt that'll help give additional warmth. Finish the look off with your comfiest sneakers.

A cool pair of pants paired with a leather coat is an easy way to liven up a rainy day.