These Were the Best Celebrity Outfits From December 1998

Fun fact: Some of the most stylish celebrities two decades ago are still some of the most stylish celebrities today. Take, for example, Jennifer Lopez, whose wardrobe is still breathlessly covered as often as it was in the '90s. Just for fun—and because '90s nostalgia is kind of the best nostalgia—we took a trip back to December 1998 in search of the best celebrity winter outfits of the '90s. The likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts, Jessica Biel, and more were quite busy with movie premieres, travel, and holiday-season events that month, so our search proved quite fruitful.

Two decades ago, as is the case in December 2018, the celebrity set flaunted many "extra" looks and, unlike in 2018, lots of all-black outfits. With plenty of holiday parties and gatherings with family and friends on the horizon, you're sure to gather some inspo from the following 20 standout celebrity outfits from December 2018. Keep scrolling to see what we mean. FYI: They're mostly in random order, but we saved the best for last.