So Carrie Bradshaw's Brunch Outfits Were Actually Very Wow

Hello, my name is Judith Jones and I am a serial bruncher. What can I say? Weekend mornings devouring avocado toast in some buzzy brunch establishment with my favorite people brings out the best in me. Perhaps this is why I loved Sex and the City so much. No one brunched better after a night out on the town drinking, dancing, and dating, quite like Carrie Bradshaw and her gals. The brunch scenes were always my favorite to watch, not only for their hilariously honest conversation but for the outfits that were nothing short of wow.

I doubt I’d ever be able to get away with wearing half of Carrie Bradshaw’s outfits, they do serve as a treasure trove of inspiration to whet my sartorial appetite on a cold winter weekend. So if you plan on avocado-toasting it this weekend, scroll below to steal some nifty winter style ideas from the fashion icon’s closet.

A cozy camel sweater, high-waisted jeans, and a Gucci belt bag make up an easy and effortless outfit that's still relevant even 20 years later.

A long faux-fur coat with open-toe mules? Why not?

Pancakes taste better with diamonds.

We may just be able to pull this one off. Especially since mock-croc boots are back on the style map.

A thick black headband makes any outfit more charming, and luckily it's on trend right now.

We seriously can't wait to try this outfit formula. A long overcoat over cute leggings and a cable-knit sweater is a unique take on casual brunch dressing. For a subtler look, swap the bright blue hues for black. 

We may not go for the tartan newsboy cap, but we will try a tan sweater over a cute floral dress.

Is this not the perfect skinny jean outfit? Don't forget the fringe bag to add a touch of glam.

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