18 Winter Beauty Products I Won't Get on a Plane Without

Best winter beauty products for travel



Hi, I'm Allyson, and I'm an overpacker—at least where beauty products are concerned. I make very organized packing lists whenever I travel, down to what earrings I'm going to wear with what dress, and I don't usually stray from said list. But for some reason, when it comes to beauty products, I lose all sense of control. I just hate the feeling of being out of town and not having the usual products that make me feel comfortable and look my best, so into my vanity kit they go. 

Now, all of that said, I can't pack everything I use on a weekly basis, so I do narrow it down some, and the products do change according to the season. Since my skin is pretty dry (even more so when I travel), having the appropriate products during winter is especially important. Have a trip of your own coming up? Scroll along with me to shop the 18 beauty products I won't board a plane without.

Even when my skin is super irritated, this mask rescues it in just 10 minutes, and it stays flake-free for days.

I'm not brave enough to wear a face mask during a flight, but I do spritz this hydrating mist liberally. 

Speaking of Tatcha and dewy skin, this cream is a godsend in the winter. I apply it at night and wake up the next morning with noticeably plumper skin. A little goes a long way.

I discovered this cream earlier this year and don't know what took me so long. My hands get extremely dry in the winter (especially when I travel) and this makes them look and feel brand new (figuratively speaking).

I'm a longtime devotee of Bite lip products and haven't had a chapped lip crisis since I started using it. Therefore, into my bag it goes, always.

This is another product I've been using for years. (My favorite is Rosy Poly Rosy.) The color payoff is so beautiful and natural, and it takes two seconds to apply. It's a staple in my everyday winter beauty routine.

To save space, I always pack travel-friendly rollerball fragrances. Byredo's perfume oils are my favorite. They smell divine and last all day and night.

My hair is static city when I travel in the winter, so it was a relief when Ouai started making a remedy. They also smell amazing and take up minimal room in my carry-on.

Yet another excellent winter beauty product from Tatcha. This eye cream feels amazing on my always-irritated under-eye skin, and the fine line–diminishing capabilities are real.

I always get my nails done before I travel, so it's tragic when the manicure is ruined by dry cuticles. I've tried a lot of remedies, and this luxurious Dior one is the best I've found.

I can't be bothered with complicated cosmetics when I travel, so this sheer lipstick is perfect. I suggest packing one of the brighter shades, like Zip, and a more neutral one, e.g., Like.

This is truly the perfect moisturizer year-round. It's light yet super hydrating, so I'll even put it on under makeup if my skin is feeling parched.

This is undoubtedly the most luxurious addition to my travel bag, but trust me—your skin will thank you post-flight when you pat this miracle serum on.

I can't live without this glow-inducing peel at home, so I was thrilled when Versed started making a mini size. Stock up because it's going to become a staple in your travel kit.

Sunscreen is a staple in the winter, too, and this one has been my favorite for years. It's more like a great lightweight moisturizer as opposed to a sticky, smelly sunscreen.

This is my winter travel face wash of choice, as it actually removes makeup without leaving skin feeling tight and stripped. The scent is very soothing, too.

It's such a treat being able to use this lovely shampoo and conditioner when I travel. You never know what you're going to get when it comes to hotel toiletries, so I choose to not risk it.

Don't forget the conditioner.

Aquaphor has saved me so many times during the winter. You never realize how essential it is until you forget to pack it.