7 Beauty Secrets of the Most Youthful-Looking Celebrities

Is it just me or do some celebrities appear to be aging in reverse? Like the fact that J.Lo just turned 50 completely blows my mind—she looks exactly the same as she did in her "Jenny From the Block" days. I can only hope to look as good as these women in the future, so I've recently started to pay close attention to their habits and routines, and I noticed they all have a few things in common.

Considering everything from their at-home beauty routines to their fitness regimens, there are a few things I've identified as the keys to their youthful auras that are worth discussing. From simple exercise to complicated accessories like LED light masks, if these methods work this well for the following celebs, I'm open to trying all of them. Below are the seven beauty secrets of the most youthful-looking celebrities, from Jennifer Aniston to Halle Berry. 

1. They swear by sun protection.

The number one thing any celebrity, dermatologist, or esthetician will tell you about anti-aging is sun protection. And this doesn't just mean SPF—it also means large hats, sunglasses, and cover-ups during sunny beach or pool days. 

This is the only sunscreen I use under makeup because it absorbs quickly, so applying foundation over it is a breeze. Oh, and it's non-toxic, so that's a win-win. 

iS Clinical is one of my favorite brands because their products are backed by science. This sunscreen is lightweight and absorbs with no greasy residue. 

2. They fake a tan instead.

Not only do celebs prioritize sunscreen, but they prefer to fake their glowing tans altogether to avoid unnecessary sun exposure. Jennifer Aniston even told Redbook that she was obsessed with L'Oréal's Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes. 

My esthetician, Vanessa Hernandez, turned me onto these, and I'm officially hooked. Not only do they gently exfoliate and brighten my sensitive skin, but they give you a gradual, natural-looking tan at the same time. 

This lightweight bronzing mousse leaves a streak-free, natural-looking tan in just 2 hours.

3. They recognize the importance of masking.

Celebrities who seem to have found the fountain of youth make no secret of their at-home masking routines—they are diligent about applying the right masks in between facial appointments. From hydrating to tightening to pore shrinking, there's a formula out there for everything, so you're sure to find a solution according to your skin concerns 

Say hello to seriously moisturized skin. 

Rich in antioxidants, this pink-hued mask will have your skin glowing in no time. 

4. They know the power of a good red lip.

Celebs are no stranger to glam looks and they know the age-defying power of a good red lip. A bright lip color radiates a playful vibe and will liven up any look.

Laura Mercier's lipstick practically has a cult following at this point.

PSA: Honest Beauty is a clean brand that actually works.

5. They aren't afraid to try new things.

It seems like everyday there's a buzzy new beauty gadget or treatment, and celebs are first in line to be the guinea pigs for all of them. Age-defying celebs know that sometimes beauty is pain and are generally up for trying the newest things in the beauty space—from LED masks to cooling glass balls. 

You may look like a Transformer, but many celebs swear by these LED light masks for glowing skin. 

This Instagram-famous tool is said to give your face an instant lift.

6. They prioritize exercise.

Ask any celeb about their beauty routine and exercise is sure to be one of the top answers. Even the most low-maintenance stars will tell you they make fitness a priority. Not only is it good for your health and heart, but it also gives you seriously glowing skin—plus a major endorphin rush.

I just bought one of these myself, and now I want to work out just to use this on my muscles afterward. 

Alo's leggings are just as comfortable as they are flattering. 

7. They don't forget about "me" time. 

Equally as important as making time for exercise is making time for yourself to unwind and destress. Celebs do this in a myriad of ways—relaxing baths, meditation, or a tall glass of wine. Hey, whatever floats your boat right? 

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