5 Trends Who What Wear Readers Won't Wear

Day after day, you hear us say something like “These are the only trends to try this season” or “This is the next need-to-know It item.” But not every single look is going to resonate with you. Style is personal. We’re here to give you the info. It’s up to you what you choose to do with it. That being said, we found ourselves a bit curious about the items that you, our Who What Wear readers, are simply not feeling at the moment. You have strong opinions (and we like that).

We turned to our Who What Wear Insiders Facebook group to find out which trends you won’t wear. While many of our readers weighed in on different silhouettes and styles they don’t love (sorry, tiny sunglasses), it became obvious that five trends in particular were bugging many of you. Below, we’ve compiled what you had to say about your least favorite trends (and we’ve made suggestions on what to try instead).

"Ugly" Sneakers

We heard you loud and clear: You don’t love the “ugly” sneaker trend, also referred to as “dad” sneakers in the responses. Some memorable quotes from our community include “Everybody else looks cool but nope not me” and “I’ll never understand the side of fashion where ugly pieces are considered cute.”

Instead Try: Classic Sneakers
Classic sneaker trends




With neon making a return this fall, it seems some Who What Wear readers prefer it didn’t. You said “I don’t like color in general, but there’s no way I’m adding neon to my wardrobe” and “I really can’t stand neon colors. They look terrible on my skin tone. I don’t understand how people wear neons successfully!”

Instead Try: Saturated Hues
Bold color trends



Tiny Sunglasses

Mindy Kaling recently suggested we might regret the tiny-sunglasses trend someday. There were some like-minded individuals in the group: “Deeply over tiny sunglasses. They didn’t look good on most people in the ’90s, and they don’t look good on most people now,” one reader responded. “No matter how updated they try to make them, they still look outdated to me,” another weighed in.

Instead Try: Bold Frames
Thick-framed sunglasses trend



Bike Shorts

Some editors happened to fall in love with bike shorts this summer, but clearly they’re not the most comfortable fit for everyone. “I want to wear bike shorts, but I just don’t think I can pull them off!” one reader told us.

Instead Try: Track Pants
How to wear track pants



Available in sizes FR 34 to FR 42.

Available in sizes XS to L.

Leopard Print

Truthfully, we didn’t realize how divisive leopard print can be. It seems as though not everyone is ready for the trend’s fierce return this fall. “I also don’t really like animal prints. I prefer a more minimal/classic style!” one reader said. Wrote another reader, “Animal prints, if that is even a trend anymore.” [Ed. note: It is!]

Instead Try: Polka Dots
How to wear the polka-dot trend



Love all the trends some of our readers love to hate? That’s perfectly good too.

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