Lily Collins's Secret for Wearing Heels 24/7 While Shooting Emily in Paris

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(Image credit: DARIA RITCH)


(Image credit: DARIA RITCH)

Since the smash-hit comedy series Emily in Paris first hit our Netflix queues in late 2020, all eyes have been on Lily Collins.

From its inception, Collins and the series's influencer heroine, Emily Cooper, have captured our attention with their bubbly demeanor and vibrant parade of outfits that make the show a feast for the eyes, and this December, the Emmy-winning series returns to our screens for its much-anticipated third season.

Although this role is what propelled the actress to new heights of notoriety, Collins is also drawn to roles outside comedy and earlier this year starred in the dark drama Windfall. "I've always wanted to bop in and out of different genres never to be put in a box," she explained.

While acting will always be part of Collins's career, she's experimenting with work behind the camera, too, and has been busy forging a name for herself in producing with credits on Windfall and Emily in Paris.

We caught up with Collins to discuss what Emily Cooper will be up to in the show's third seasonher foray into producingand of course all things Parisian fashion. Below, read some excerpts from our interview, and tune in to the Who What Wear podcast to hear it in full.


(Image credit: DARIA RITCH)

What has been your favorite red carpet look of all time or any look that really stands out as being like particularly special to you?

Can I say my wedding dress? It's not exactly a red carpet, but there was a very long Ralph Lauren rug.

That counts. Well, it was certainly stunning. Did you work with Ralph on that dress?

I got to collaborate with them and have fittings while shooting season two and fully designed from every element of that dress.

What was the inspiration?

The inspiration was Ralph's son's wife's dress. So it was very much inspired by a family dress.


While filming Emily in Paris, you're wearing heels nonstop. I read that because of this and the cobblestone streets, it's really done a number on your feet. But you must have some secret up your sleeve to how to make it all bearable.

Oh my gosh, yes. Insoles. I'm not going to lie; insoles now save my feet. We had them made for every different type of shoe, which was amazing because like you said, walking on cobblestones all the time is incredibly difficult. But it was something that I swear by. And I always used to think that when I was younger, they sounded like something old people wore. Well, I'm now I'm part of the insole crew because it's game-changing.

Any particular brand you swear by?

Oh, they're from a doctor in France, who makes them for us. There are sweet couple in France, a husband-and-wife duo, and they're amazing, and they make them custom.


(Image credit: DARIA RITCH)

Speaking of style, when you are left to your own devices—no glam team, no stylists to attend to you—what are you reaching for?

Comfortable jeans. I always made fun of high-waisted jeans when I was a kid, and now the "mom" jean is my go-to. A cozy sweater. A great flat or a Birkenstock. A blazer. And a bag that fits all my necessities, like a big bag or one of those like micro bags. It's super cute even if it fits a couple things because I tend to overpack, so maybe limiting is better. But I'm a comfortable girl. I love my sneakers now. I want to be able to run around town and not be worried. Running around in heels? I do that enough on the show.


(Image credit: DARIA RITCH)

You've traveled back and forth between Paris and Los Angeles while filming Emily in Paris. Is there any skincare product that no matter where you're traveling, you always have on hand?

The Génifique masks by Lancôme save me. They're extra hydrating. I wear a mask whenever I can if I've traveled and I'm super dry or, … you know, I need brighter skin or just a pick-me-up. I literally have them in my bag all the time. Face masks are the way to go.

Speaking of beauty, you are obviously this eyebrow icon. You're known for these bold, fluffy brows, and while I'm sure a lot of it is genetic, what's your secret to maintaining them?

Every night, I'll do a little taming with a tweezer. That's about it. And then a clear brow gel. But a basic, I mean, any clear brow gel that you can have or mascara that's clear to keep them in place. But honestly, it's about the constant maintenance every so often—little here or there because when I was younger, I went too far too quickly. And sometimes you can't come back from that. 

I saw you just got back from a trip to San Miguel de Allende. Where is next on your travel bucket list?

Japan. I've been before, but it's finally reopened. I love that country so much. And very much want to go back.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. Next, check out our interview with Hill House Home Founder Nell Diamond on how she got the idea for the nap dress.

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