What Our Editors Are Gifting This Holiday Season


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'Tis the season to be gifting.

Whether you're searching for a gift for the guy in your life or the Gen Z co-worker, our editors have got you covered.

Our market director Bobby Schuessler shares his top gifts for the boyfriend, brother, or work bestie in your life. By no surprise, the Birkenstock Boston clogs are at the top of his list (and mine, too). For the frequent flyer, Schuessler is obsessed with the *perfect* carryall from Dagne Dover that really does carry it all.

If you're stuck on what to get for the Gen Zer in your life, assistant market editor Yusra Siddiqui shares everything from a budget-friendly statement purse to a pair of hypebeast-approved sneakers.

Have you been searching for the perfect gift for that friend whose apartment is perfectly designed? 

Fashion market editor Indya Brown shares the homeware items that are at the top of her gift-giving list. 

Brown curated an impeccable selection of Instagrammable items, including not one but *two* marble home accessories. 

In the latest episode of Who What Wear With Hillary Kerr, the Who What Wear team shares what's on their holiday wish list—plus the perfect gifts for everyone in your life.

See some of their standout gifts for men, Gen Z, and the home aficionado below, and make sure to tune in to the podcast episode for the full list. 


Bobby, walk us through what the men in our lives need.

First, it's shoes. Everyone loves shoes. To me, it's a crowd-pleaser. I would say number one are the Birkenstock Boston clogs in taupe, specifically.

On that note, a crowd-pleaser: Obviously, you cannot go wrong with Uggs. Seems like a classic choice. I feel like every other day on Who What Wear, we're writing about how a fashion person or celeb is styling Uggs.

The Tasman slippers are the best choice for men. Everybody wants them—even if they don't know it yet. 

Dagne Dover has a great travel bag. This is another example if you have somebody that travels a lot or is starting to travel more. Upgrading their travel situation is fantastic. They're super functional, super lightweight, and have great pockets. I use one all the time.

Seems like a classic choice, but an actual true shaving set. With a great razor and more luxurious shaving cream. Super fantastic and instant life upgrade if the man in your life has not tried one.

The way to my heart always is through food, too, of course, and wine. I think a Panettone, especially from From Roy. It's a life-changing Panettone. If you haven't tried it, very luxurious.


Let's talk about Gen Z. From your insider point of view, Yusra, what should folks who are shopping for the Gen Z people in their lives have top of mind when it comes to presents this holiday season?

I first want to talk about fashion. I think a great gift idea—if they are particularly obsessed with a designer—is a coffee table book of the designer's collection. If they move into a new apartment or if they want to spruce up their bedroom, I think a lot of people—especially those who are younger—are not going to splurge on that for themselves, because it's not exactly necessary. I think they would be so happy to receive it.

Another fashion gift I always think people are going to invest in staple accessories for themselves. If you're not going the designer way and are on a budget, Mango and JW Pei do great statement bags. Fun colors, fun prints. I think they will always add something to an outfit. 

Taking regular, necessary items and making them chicer. For example, makeup bags and travel bags. Shay Mitchell's brand, Beis, does that really well. Her makeup bag is so good. It fits so well. It's done in this black leather and it's TSA-friendly. That's a perfect gift for everyone.

If you have a higher budget and are willing to splurge, I think you should go on Stock X and find those It sneakers. That if you really love this person and are willing to spend a little bit more on the New Balance 550s or the Adidas Sambas, these trending sneakers. You can make someone very happy.

Glossier released a collab with Olivia RodrigoIt's not that expensive, it's a great gift and a small thing. The lip gloss and lip balm… That collaboration would make a great gift for someone who is obsessed with her.


Indya, can we talk about what's on your home gift guide?

I'm so into the ethos of little luxuries, especially when it comes to home. Home is super personal. It's a place where you rest your head at night. It's a place where you recharge.

I think that connecting that and adding that element into gift-giving can really make a gift feel super special. Whether you're shopping for a co-worker or the mailman or your best friend, candles are always going be a crowd-pleaser.

I do love a Bath and Body Works candle, but I think if you want to upgrade that candle element, then probably go for something like Byredo, Boy Smells, or Diptyque. Those are really tried-and-true brands to go for. 

Athena Calderon is one of my favorite people in the design space. She recently collabed with Crate & Barrel for an amazing collection. It's beautiful. Within that collection, she has a few marble objects that are really fun and beautiful. More specifically, there's this marble board. It's a red marble. You can kind of use it as a cheese board, as a display, a catchall. It's really just whatever you want it to be, and it's super elevated.

Another brand that I love is Anastasio Home. It makes beautiful marble objects. They're not just the basic white marble that you see everywhere—they're a little bit more complex.

I love Hay Design. They have such cute organizational things. Those colorful crates. Those were another Instagram famous called item.

I'm like, How can home decor be so cute? You just want to eat it, but they make those things and they're not super expensive. They're probably $10 to $50, depending on what you get.

If you notice that your co-worker has to have their morning coffee or tea, get them a beautiful mug. Choose one that's made locally by a local ceramicist.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. Next up, check out our previous episode featuring Matt Rez.