The Exact Pair of White Sneakers to Buy, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

White sneakers are the cornerstone in any fashion person’s closet. We throw them on with leggings and a tee on laid-back days and wear them to neutralize our most trendy pieces. Right now our favorite way to wear them is to team them with a colorful printed dress. We all have our go-to pair we reach for in these instances, which is what makes the style staple such a personal purchase. Are you a classic Converse All Star type of person? Or is your aesthetic more of the retro Film variety? You may think you have a pair of white sneakers on lock, but we have a feeling that your zodiac sign will reveal the truth. Just below, we’ve pinpointed exactly which pair of white sneakers will be your next based on your birthday. Feel free to let us know how accurate we were after your next shopping trip.