TikTok Introduced Me to the "Whimsigoth" Aesthetic—30 Pieces I'm Shopping First

It seems like every day there's a new trend or dressing phenomenon to pay attention to. From Kendall Jenner's pants-less moment to the resurgence of the outdoor-inspired gorpcore aesthetic, there's so much to be excited about in the fast-moving world of fashion. That's why we had to dive in headfirst when witch-inspired "whimsigoth" looks started popping up all over social media.


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What is the "Whimsigoth" aesthetic?

The magical trend is a mix of the darkness of gothic influences and the layers and billowiness seen in boho styling. If you've been wanting to channel whimsigoth, we're here to help. Ahead, shop a curation of fashion finds that really nail the aesthetic.

We've highlighted some whimsical looks, including rich jewel tones, velvety textures, maxi skirts, and so much more. We've even thrown in pieces featuring starry motifs and other emblems. Now's the time to channel whimsigoth icons of the past, from '90s-era Stevie Nicks and Lisa Bonet to the witchy sisters in Charmed and Practical Magic. Keep scrolling for the magic ahead.

How to wear the whimsigoth aesthetic:


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Anything with a print that you would call whimsical and potentially dark falls right into this category. Style a top like that with jeans, and you've met the perfect nod at the aesthetic.


(Image credit: @devonleecarlson)

You normally wouldn't expect to see pink with a skirt like this, and that's what makes me think of it as an extension of the whimsigoth aesthetic. Expect the unexpected.


(Image credit: @dronme)

Crochet can be used in many ways to tap into this trend. It's the perfect texture to turn heads, and any dark prints go right along with it. Emerging brand Diotima is a great place to look for something like this.


(Image credit: @alyssainthecity)

The metallic in this look reminds me of all things goth, while the colorful plaid print is quite whimsical. Everything about this look would be whimsigoth approved.

Shop the aesthetic:

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