I'm Restricting Myself to 3 More Purchases This Year, and These Are Them

I've never considered myself an impulsive shopper. In fact, even though I'm a fashion writer I don't buy that much for myself. However, like clockwork, each year when the holidays roll around and all of my favorite brands and retailers flaunt their oh-so-fantastic sales, I tend to get a bit more, er, liberal with my purchases. Sure, there are benefits to buying items on discount, but this season I'm restricting myself to three more purchases—and I'm writing about it so everyone can hold me accountable for it.

When coming up with this list, I considered a few different factors. What will make me feel happy? What will inspire positive habits (talking to you, sports bras)? What will last for years to come? Once I sat with those valuable thoughts for a while, I came up with my list. Continue ahead to see what I landed on, and if you happen to agree, shop my picks to add them to your own winter wardrobe.

A Really Great Pair of Faux-Leather Pants

Leather Pants



In my 32 years of living on this planet, I for some reason or another, have never owned leather pants. Despite having fallen in love with many a' pair, they've never graced my closet—that changes now. And, because there are so many solid faux options in the market now, I'll be going that route, instead. 

Once I've snagged my pair, I'll be contrasting them with ultra-soft sweaters and cute socks.

Something Frivously Festive

Every year when the holidays roll around, I'm flung into a minor panic situation where I suddenly have a slew of events to attend and not enough festive pieces to wear to them. For 2019, I'll be investing in one really special, indulgent piece that'll make going to my next soirée all the more fun.

Feather Dress



I can't think of any more exciting texture than feathers right now, really truly.

An Ultra-Comfortable Workout Set

Workout Leggings



While a new coat or pair of jeans sounds appealing, if I'm being honest, I could really use a new activewear set. A supportive sports bra, high-rise leggings, a cold-weather layer—they're all going to help motivate me to keep working out well into winter's coldest months.

Bike Shorts



I love solid separates with logo waistbands—classic. 

Up Next: Two essential winter pieces that are worth the addition to your wardrobe.