We Like to Look to Influencers for Outfit Ideas, But Here's Where They Look


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It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with Instagram. And when we’re not busy scouting out new brands on the app, another favourite pastime on the 'gram is saving influencer and blogger images to serve as our future outfit inspo. In fact, my “saved” page is 99% percent outfit ideas… anyone else?

Getting outfit inspiration from influencers makes so much sense. They have a seemingly never-ending supply of clothes, and always keep us up to date on the latest trends. Their pics tend to be in more “real life” scenarios rather than campaign imagery, which lets us envision the outfits in our lives as well. And on top of that, their outfit choices are typically more accessible than those we see on our favourite celebrities, coming in at a more reasonable price point. Are all influencers just naturally born with style? When they’re the ones we look to for inspiration, it certainly seems that way.

So it got us to thinking: While we turn to influencers for fashion guidance, where do they turn? While they are undeniably major forces for trend setting (hence the reason why they influence us), they’re just humans after all. So what does an influencer do on a day when they have “nothing to wear”... who do they turn to, when they're the ones everyone else is trying to copy?

To get some insight, we reached out to some of the most fashionable girls we’re following on Instagram to see where they get their style inspiration—maybe it’ll inspire you to look for outfit ideas in new places as well.


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"Fashion inspiration for us doesn’t often come from the runways, street style pictures from New York Fashion Week, or Paris Fashion Week. For us, inspiration comes from who we are as people. Over the years, trend-based fashion pieces come and go through our wardrobes, but the classics always last—like a beautifully constructed black blazer, or classic white shirt."

Eleanor Pendleton, Gritty Pretty 

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"I find style inspiration from women around me—that might be a woman I don't know who is crossing the street, a woman who lives in L.A. who I follow on Instagram, or a close friend who is always dressed impeccably. Some women who inspire me regularly include Marina Afonina, Hayley Bonham, Filomena Natoli, Saasha Burns, Sara Crampton, Anna Feller, Gilda Ambrosio, Lena Catterick from Yoli & Otis, Alex and Tsutsumi Hoang, Chriselle Lim and Jules Sarinana (just to name a few)."

Sara Crampton, Harper & Harley

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"I get my fashion inspiration from a couple of main sources. The discovery section of Instagram is where the magic really happens. Be open to following new accounts, go down the Instagram rabbit hole of similar accounts, and you’ll find yourself really inspired by people you’ve never heard of before.

Another place I get inspiration is from the designers I see on a daily basis as the buyer at The UNDONE. I’m constantly looking at the newest pieces created from local and international contemporary talent, and seeing the shapes, colours and textures they produce each season absolutely affects my personal style. I then style up all our model shoots, and more often than not, I refer to these looks when putting together my personal outfits."