Small Feet? Buy Your Shoes Here

It wasn't until recently that I became aware of the fact that people with really tiny feet (i.e. any size smaller than a 6) have a particularly hard time finding shoes in their size. Call me ignorant, but I had always assumed that it was the people with larger feet (i.e. anything bigger than size 9) who had the difficult time. Sadly, both are true, but this story is focusing on the teensy-footed people of the world, and we are here to solve all of their problems (as far as shopping goes). 

My co-worker (and friend) falls under the category of "small feet," coming in hot with a solid size 5. I am always sending her links to shoes I think she would love, and time and time again, I manage to disappoint her, as I forget to check to see if they come in her size. While I have gotten slightly better at being considerate of her tiny-feet problems, I am still shocked at how few retailers actually sell shoes in sizes smaller than a 6. With a little research and a few tips from my friend, we were able to nail down a handful of incredible retailers that sell the small sizes you have been searching for in the cutest styles possible. Use these as your guide the next time you are in need of a new pair of shoes, instead of getting let down by a style you cannot have. 

Keep reading to discover the best retailers that sell some of the smallest sizes around and to shop our picks from each!