These Céline Sunglasses Are *Still* a Bestseller in Sydney


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It’s no secret that a pair of chic sunglasses is a necessity for every Australian woman. Whether you wear them to brunch on a mascara-free lazy Sunday, or while lounging on the beach, sunglasses can transform even the most basic outfit into a complete look. Since they can be such a game-changing accessory, having a stylish pair of go-to sunnies is essential—and we couldn’t help but wonder what the perfect pair would look like.

Generally speaking, when searching for “the best” of anything, item popularity is a good gauge. There’s a reason that certain styles are perpetually sold out: They live up to the hype. To get the down low about which sunglasses we should add to our “must buy” list, we reached out Vision Direct to see which sunglasses style is most popular among Sydney women. Needless to say, they’ve made our list. 

Made by Céline, the two-tone Shadow Sunglasses are a fan favourite. With unique colour blocking and shape, it’s not hard to understand why. We’ve already noted that the flat top shape is in right now (especially if you’re trying to emulate Italian style), and to see that Sydney women are already obsessed with the shape definitely confirmed it. Not to mention, the dual colouring on these specs mean that the sunnies will pair well with any outfit. Keep scrolling to see the most popular pick, and shop other Céline options below.

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