6 Things You Must Own If You Always Wear Sneakers

There's nothing inherently wrong with a pair of square-toe pumps or heeled booties or even some strappy night-out sandals—they're chic. However, if you find yourself more often than not eschewing the above and reaching for your favorite comfortable kicks instead, you'll be pleased to know you're not alone in your quest for well-supported arches and versatile footwear. Thanks to the spike in athleisure-related trends over the last several years and tons of designers creating everyday iterations of trainers, wearing sneakers in all scenarios is, in fact, rather feasible.

Keeping this in mind plus your affinity for all things sneakers, we came up with a list of six essentials you should keep stocked in your wardrobe that pair seamlessly with kicks. From the perfect dress length to a timeless top you most likely already own, continue ahead to shop your way to more amazing sneakers outfits.

Must Own: Midi Dress

If the idea of a stylish outfit in less than 30 seconds sounds appealing to you (how could it not?), look no further than a midi dress and sneakers. Together, the two are polished and comfortable, and the possibilities are in large supply.

Must Own: Suit

Suiting has been on the trend circuit for the last several years with different iterations on these tailored separates cropping up season after season. If you've yet to try your hand in the sartorial world, ease into things by pairing your matching blazer and slacks with a pair of laid-back sneakers. The overall look is well-balanced and looks even cooler when worn with a relaxed T-shirt underneath.

The only thing better than one classic item is two classic items masterfully styled together, which is why a timeless white button-down and sneakers is the duo that keeps on giving. Wear now; wear always.

Must Own: Straight-Leg Jeans

Though just about any pair of jeans can be successfully styled with sneakers, for fall we're especially feeling the straight silhouette teamed with trainers. Add a bright sweater up top for a fun finish.

Must Own: Full Skirt

The best part about sneakers right now is that you don't have to wear them solely with activewear. Nay, try your kicks with something like a full skirt for a cool commuter-inspired look. 

Must Own: Athleisure

If you're a sneaker fan, then you probably also have an affinity for athleisure in general, which is why we think including another active piece or two in your look isn't a bad idea—think ribbed socks or sporty shorts. Just remember: If you're not heading to the gym, be sure to include a non-athleisure piece in the look so it feels complete.

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