10 Trends to Wear With Your Favorite Black Skinny Jeans

In case you haven't noticed, the bulk of our denim-related content falls into two categories: denim trends and skinny jeans. Since skinny jeans are more of a classic than a trend, to keep things interesting, we also frequently discuss the trends to wear with them. And this time, we're focusing on perhaps our all-time favorite skinny-jean style: sleek black ones.

Black skinny jeans are perhaps the most versatile denim style on the market, and that's for a number of reasons. Most importantly, they're the easiest style there is to dress up or down, and they look good on everyone. So now that we've established that everyone loves black skinny jeans, let's talk about what to wear with them.

It's hardly a surprise that winter is chock-full of trends that look great with black skinny jeans (we've already established that they're wildly versatile), but there are 10 in particular that are literally magic when paired with them. Not only will they make your favorite skinny jeans look fresher, they'll make life easier this season.

Without further ado, scroll on to shop the 10 trends we highly recommend wearing with black skinny jeans this season.


As you'll see below, neon really pops with black pieces, and it happens to be a favorite trend among the fashion crowd as of late.

What to wear with black skinny jeans


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Snake-Print Boots

Everyone from Anna Wintour to Emily Ratajkowski has been wearing snake-print boots this season. And no matter the particular shade of snake, they'll complement black skinny jeans.

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Crystal Earrings

When you're going out and just want to wear jeans, put on black skinnies and a pair of crystal earrings and you'll be the chicest person at the party, guaranteed.

Animal Print

Most animal prints predominately feature the color black, so they're a no-brainer for pairing with skinny jeans.

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Teddy Coats

This cozy outerwear trend is usually a bit voluminous, making it the perfect thing to counteract your sleek skinny jeans.

Combat Boots

It girls have been wearing their skinny jeans with combat boots everywhere lately, and as you can see on Olivia Palermo, this edgy combo exudes cool.

Olivia Palermo skinny-jean outfit


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Pullover Fleeces

Fleeces are no longer frumpy—they're cool. To make the trend look chic, pair it with black skinny jeans and heeled ankle boots.

Trends to wear with black skinny jeans




Cardigans are inherently sweet, which is why wearing them with something less sweet (e.g., black skinny jeans) is a brilliant idea.

Patent Leather

Shiny patent and vinyl pieces add interest to black pieces. Case in point below.

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Yellow Outerwear

The reigning It color makes a strong statement when in the form of outerwear, which is why fashion girls are embracing the look. You clearly can't go wrong with pairing yellow coats and jackets with black skinny jeans.

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