10 It Girl–Approved Outfits for Your Next Spin Class

Photo: @outdoorvoices

When you're at spin class, you're there to get your body moving, push yourself, and eventually walk away feeling stronger and ready to take on whatever else life throws your way. And while all this comes along with busting your butt and breaking a sweat, what you suit up in to get on the bike can help get you in a motivated mood and boost your confidence.

If you've ever wondered what to wear to spin class, focus first on what will make you feel most comfortable doing the movements the class entails. Another important consideration is what will make you feel the most confident in your own skin. Every fashion girl knows a stylish spin class outfit—that shows off your own stylish spin—can be a boost.There are plenty of ways to show off your personal style while working out. For starters, there are a few time-tested styling options fashion girls turn to. Below we've highlighted some of our favorite ideas for breaking a sweat in style.

1. Monochrome

2. Head-to-Toe Black

3. Loose-Fitting Top and Leggings

4. Statement Print

5. Bike Shorts

6. Sports Bra and Leggings

7. Crop Top and Leggings

8. Color-Blocking

9. Stretch Tank and Leggings

10. Hooded Top and Leggings

Head below to browse the pieces to create 10 It girl–approved outfits for your next spin class.