5 Stylish Items for the Girl Who Runs on the Regular

Photo: Derek Kettela

One of the best aspects of jogging is how simple it is to get started. The only thing to have on your mind: What to wear while running. There's no fancy equipment needed, no bulky yoga mat to lug around, and no resistance bands or weights are necessary. You don't have to invest in a class to run, and you don't even need a gym pass to get started. The only accessories that can't be skipped, as far as we're concerned, are a great playlist and a pair of headphones.

Since your wardrobe is all you need to worry about, it's worth making sure your running clothes will work for you. Choosing quality pieces in breathable, flexible materials, along with a sturdy pair of running shoes, is a necessity before hitting the pavement. We're highlighting the five items you need to nail your run below, whether you're just starting out or you're an old pro.

Now you're all set to get running. 

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