Going-Out Outfits That Every Show-Off Will Adore (Myself Included)

The recent Instagram shot of Gilda Ambrosio, Giorgia Tordini, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley confirmed it: Choosing what to wear on a night out has become easier and more exciting than it has in some time. For years we've been in the fancy-casual era where being OTT was frowned upon and not particularly cool. For those of us who revel in getting dolled up, being understated is quite a difficult thing to do. "Oh, I just threw this on" only works when you genuinely have done so.

Now, the idea of planning a night-out outfit and allowing oneself to be fabulous in a head-turning, entrance-making array of feathers, sequins, heels, diamanté, and lamé will appeal to many—myself included. Thank you, 2018.

Now all you need to do is work out where you're going.

This post was originally published on Who What Wear UK.