This Barre Expert Dishes Exactly What to Wear to Class



As fashion girls, we find ourselves putting in as much effort when getting dressed for a workout class as we do when getting dressed for everything else in life. Just like the explosion of the sneaker market—which, in a few short years, developed into the massively trend-driven scene it is today—activewear is taking its place in the fashion spotlight. With cool new brands emerging one after the other, the question of what to wear to work out is increasingly being answered by a slew of stylish options. Whether you’re headed off to yoga, Spin, or barre class, there’s a plethora of stylish leggings and tops to choose from, each tailored to a specific activity.

So what exactly is the distinction between barre and yoga attire? To find out, we went straight to the source and spoke with Jennifer Williams, the founder of cult barre studio Pop Physique. Whether you’re devoted to cultivating your barre physique or you’re considered a “Pop virgin,” you have to admit that the millennial-targeted, candy-colored studios have come to define this era where the cult workout classes you attend are as much a part of your personal brand as your Instagram feed.

Go on to see what Pop Physique’s founder, Jennifer Williams, has to say about getting dressed for class.

WHO WHAT WEAR: What should first-timers expect in a barre class?

Jennifer Williams: A fast-paced but safe workout, with the principals of ballet technique without the requirement of prior dance training. We focus on posture, active stretching, and muscle toning and elongating.

WWW: Which is better: leggings or shorts?

JW: Definitely leggings! There are parts of the class where you are seated, and you’ll be more comfortable in leggings.

WWW: What should you never wear to a barre class?

JW: Don’t wear shorts or bare feet. You’ll want the coverage of leggings and socks for safety and cleanliness.

WWW: Is a leotard required?

JW: Definitely not. Leggings and a somewhat form-fitting top are ideal (think tank or T-shirt).

WWW: What shoes or type of footwear is recommended?

JW: We do the class in socks. Pop makes two types of custom socks. Our traditional full sock and a more breathable and thinner ballet sock. They come in lots of fun colors and styles.

WWW: What’s your favorite ensemble to wear to a barre class?

JW: High-waisted leggings, a tank, and a light sweatshirt that I can take on and off as needed. I love the cut of our custom J’Adore Barre tank.

WWW: What other pieces of advice would you give to potential barre class goers?

JW: Bring a water—you may want to sip during class. And always eat some protein before! A French- or Greek-style yogurt with some fruit is perfect.

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