You Can Still Look Cute While Camping—Just Pack These




What to pack for camping (or glamping, let's be honest) can be a bit of a head-scratcher, especially for a fashion girl. As much as we'd like to tell you to just channel the '90s classic film Troop Beverly Hills and wish you luck out in the great outdoors, your weekend in the wilderness is going to require a little more sartorial planning. And since that's where our expertise lies, we're not going to remind you to bring your flashlight, canteen, and bug spray (although those are essential). Instead, we're going to remind you which shoes, jackets, and accessories to fill your weekender bag with.

While all the pieces highlighted below are undoubtedly stylish, they're also functional. Because if you're freezing once the sun sets or your feet are killing you on that five-mile hike, you won't care how cute you look (trust us). But you can be cute, prepared, and comfortable with the right gear. Ready to start planning your stylish camping adventure?

Read on to shop our favorite camping gear (that's also fashion girl–approved, naturally).

You'll want to carry this pretty pink backpack everywhere (not just the campsite).

Perfect for a dip in the lake.

Available in sizes XS to L.

Definitely pack shorts, but don't forget the sunscreen and insect repellant.

Available in sizes 14 to 24.

Leave the fashion sneakers at home (but these are quite stylish too).

Available in sizes 5 to 11.

Look cool while protecting your face from the sun.

Always pack a pair of pants that will shield your legs from sticks, brush, and bugs.

Available in sizes XS to XL.

Aviators feel just right for a camping trip.

Don't let rain hold you back—shield yourself with this cool jacket.

Available in sizes XXS to XL.

Overalls scream "cool girl who camps."

Available in sizes XXS to XL.

This tie-dyed tee will look great in your camping trip Instagram posts.

Available in sizes XS to L.

Successfully conquer any terrain with cool, functional hiking boots.

Available in sizes 5.5 to 11.

Also, lightweight socks for the above hiking boots.

Every seasoned camper knows that a bandana (or several) is a must.

It can get unexpectedly chilly once the sun goes down (especially in the mountains), so come prepared.

Available in sizes L to 4X.

You're going to need something to transport all this cool gear in, right?

Cute pajamas are a requirement.

Available in sizes XXXS to XL.

If you're camping near a river or lake, you'll be glad you packed these water shoes.

Available in sizes 5 to 11.

The perfect camping outfit: These cargos with a tee, your hiking boots, and a bandana.

Available in sizes 23 to 32.

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