What Women Over 40 Are Buying From Zara

Meet Lauren, Who What Wear's fashion editor and co-founder of The Devils Wear Zara. Lauren is so obsessed with Zara that we started calling her the Zara Scout. Now she's turning the nickname into a franchise so she can regularly share her insider knowledge of the brand with you, including all her hacks, secrets, and must-haves.

Shopping at Zara, or anywhere, for that matter, knows no age limit. There are no restrictions or rules related to age when it comes to shopping, but sometimes hearing what others your age are buying can be kind of fun, no? Since I have an abnormal portal into the Zara-obsessed world (The Devils Wear Zara), I decided to put up an Instagram story to all our followers asking women 40 and older to share the pieces they love shopping for the most at the fast-fashion retailer.