When to Stop Wearing These 5 Items, According to an Expert

Telling us we should or shouldn't wear certain items is an easy way to make us take pause. Every woman is allowed to dictate her own personal style and what makes her feel best. That being said, we've all come to a time when we've stopped and asked ourselves, Do I really still want to wear this? Whether it's due to passing trends or evolving taste, over time, there are pieces that just no longer seem to fit in with the rest of our wardrobes. 

That's why we enlisted the help of an etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman, to help us break down what makes certain controversial styles age appropriate or not. Then we took her advice and found a grown-up spin on the piece instead. Love leggings? Treggings are the staple's older sister. Same can be said for the jumpsuit instead of a romper. In the end, nothing is off limits—it's all about the way you wear it—but if you're looking to leave certain styles behind, we've got you covered.

Read on to see Gottsman's advice and shop the sophisticated sisters of these staples.