7 T-Shirt, Jean, and Shoe Combos All Your Friends Will Want to Copy

What Shoes to Wear With Jeans


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You probably clicked into this story because you're tired of your friends poking fun at the fact that despite your cornucopia of a closet, you always end up wearing jeans and a T-shirt. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that—jeans and T-shirts are the bread and butter of any well-rounded wardrobe—but when they become a crutch more than a jumping-off point, you could find yourself in a bind. That's where we come in.

As an avid jeans and T-shirt outfit repeater myself, I can attest to the convenience of such combination, but also the slight disappointment you feel as you walk out the door knowing you once again reached for the safe option. But that doesn't have to be the case! Today, I'm here to provide you with seven new T-shirt, jean, and shoe combinations that will have all your friends throwing compliments at your new-and-improved denim look left and right. So in case you've been struggling with either what shoes to wear with your jeans or simply want a fresh way to combine the holy trinity we've been speaking of, let the outfit combinations ahead enlighten you. 

Combo #1: Sweet But Psychedellic

Make a tie-dye shirt feel a little more polished by pairing it with white jeans and kitten heel mules. 

Combo #2: Pastel Palette

Pastels are a great color option for when you're sick of the neon trend, or for when you simply want to dress as spring-ready as possible. 

Combo #3: Grunge Glam

Skate or graphic tees look extra cool when paired with an unexpected frilly shoe like these eyelet ruffled beauties. 

Combo #4: Orange Crush

Who said T-shirts had to be boring? This orange velvet one proves your go-to jeans and tee combo can make even a pair of regular sneakers feel so up to date. 

Combo #5: That '70s 'Fit

Bold florals and heeled thong sandals might feel like a fresh spring outfit, but the truth is both are inspired from decades past, we're just finally ready to re-create the groovy ensemble in 2019. 

Combo #6: What to Wear When You Have Nothing to Wear

We love the look of a baby blue shoe paired with vintage-inspired denim. The combination of the two hues makes even the simplest of white tees feel 10 times cooler. 

Combo #7: Running Errands, But Make It Fashion

Running errands doesn't always have to be done in workout clothing, and this outfit proves it. Comfortable sneakers paired with stretchy jeans and a simple tee is the outfit recipe for a productive day. 

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