The Truth About Your Pony Hair Accessories

Look down at your feet right now or over your shoulder at your bag and there’s a good chance they’re covered in popular accessory-material, pony hair. Have you ever considered if your pony hair accessories are made out of actual ponies?

The answer is—no. The Huffington Post Australia has done some investigating and reached-out to shoe designer Stuart Weitzman for the definitive answer. "It is cow or goat hide, shaved to simulate the look of the hair on the hide of a horse." And those brightly hued pony hair shoes we’ve been seeing so much of over the past few seasons? That look is achieved by bleaching the hide white and then dying it in eye-catching colours or prints.

To read more about pony hair and how to look after it, head over to Huffington Post and then keep scrolling to shop our favourite pony hair pieces.

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