The Only 28 Zara Items NY Girls Are Buying This Spring


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Spring shopping is all we can think about right now, and if you live in New York, it's also what you've been dreaming about ever since winter hit. The weather in this fickle city is finally starting to shift and with temperatures rising and flowers blooming, the only thing left to do is buy a festive seasonal wardrobe to match. While the runways and Instagram are places we regularly draw sartorial inspiration from, sometimes it's a quick fix at Zara that does just the trick.

In New York, there's a Zara in essentially every neighborhood and considering how much time we (NYC dwellers) spend on foot, it's common for us to "stumble" into the fast-fashion retailer for a little pick me up. Curious what we're adding to our carts this season? I reached out to a handful of some of the most stylish fashion editors in New York to find out what each are eyeing and buying from Zara for spring 2019. Since these women have an extreme pulse on nearly everything in this industry, I figured having them spill the contents of their Zara shopping carts could help you discover some product you might not have otherwise batted an eye at.

From the perfect basic tank top to an on-trend tie-dye skirt, check out what New York's most stylish fashion editors are buying this spring from Zara and why.