The Only 28 Zara Items NY Girls Are Buying This Spring

What New Yorkers Are Buying From Zara


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Spring shopping is all we can think about right now, and if you live in New York, it's also what you've been dreaming about ever since winter hit. The weather in this fickle city is finally starting to shift and with temperatures rising and flowers blooming, the only thing left to do is buy a festive seasonal wardrobe to match. While the runways and Instagram are places we regularly draw sartorial inspiration from, sometimes it's a quick fix at Zara that does just the trick.

In New York, there's a Zara in essentially every neighborhood and considering how much time we (NYC dwellers) spend on foot, it's common for us to "stumble" into the fast-fashion retailer for a little pick me up. Curious what we're adding to our carts this season? I reached out to a handful of some of the most stylish fashion editors in New York to find out what each are eyeing and buying from Zara for spring 2019. Since these women have an extreme pulse on nearly everything in this industry, I figured having them spill the contents of their Zara shopping carts could help you discover some product you might not have otherwise batted an eye at.

From the perfect basic tank top to an on-trend tie-dye skirt, check out what New York's most stylish fashion editors are buying this spring from Zara and why.

Michelle Li, Associate Fashion Market Editor at Refinery 29

Shop her picks:

"Having a really big love for knitted sweater pants lately; they're so easy to style up and down. These are simple enough where you could style them with a sweater and it might even look like you're wearing a matching set."

"Kelly green! It's a color that I've always been afraid to try, but spring seems like a good time to introduce this color to my closet."

"I already have a good pair of bike shorts that compress and stay put, but these are so fun and a nice departure from the usual black ones when I'm looking to switch it up."

"Love these cute sparkling hair clips! They remind me of middle school in the best way possible."

"I recognize that I'm about two years late to the trend, but I am very into blazers this spring. This is a good starter blazer for me before I dive into the crazier more colorful ones."

Aemelia Madden, Senior Fashion Editor at The Zoe Report 

Shop her picks:

"I've been looking for more sophisticated ways to incorporate the tie-dye trend into my wardrobe and love the subtlety of this floaty skirt. Perfect for work."

"Okay, I don't have any beach vacations planned yet, but when I do I want to bring along this tiny shell bag."

"Every year I pick a lightweight slightly sheer cotton top to pair with jeans for the spring and summer. This year I have my eye on this pretty embroidered style."

"After months of searching for the perfect boot, I'm pretty sure I've found them. The sculptural heel and cream hue make them feel especially fresh for the coming months."

"I'm headed to Coachella this year, and all I want to wear is a colorful crochet dress. It's easy, effortless, and fun all at once."

Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour, Market Editor at Who What Wear 

Shop her picks:

"This will make for a perfect bathing suit coverup for summer trips."

"I would wear these with jeans and a T-shirt any night of the week."

"Is it just me, or is this white tank top particularly wonderful?"

Adrienne Faurote, Fashion Editor at Marie Claire 

Shop her picks:

"All spring season, the runways introduced the new suit—the short suit. So I feel like it’s my duty to test it out. This light blue textured set it the perfect way to ease your way into the trend." 

"A crochet knit dress is definitely on my buying list this season, and I am obsessing over this colorful one, not to mention, it will definitely be the most colorful thing I own."

"Shells are everywhere – from earrings to necklaces to shoes and now bags. I really don't think there's such a thing of having too many shells this spring."

Anaa Saber, Contributor at Who What Wear 

"Hawaiin prints, cheetah prints, floral prints. Need I say more?"

"During warmer seasons, I tend to prefer modest silhouettes over shorts and skirts. I'm more traditional in a sense where I love to wear pants year-round. Bonus points if they're loose, effortless, and casual."

Laura Lajines, Senior Fashion Editor at Popsugar 

Shop her picks:

"I'm a slave to mules and have yet to jump on barely there '90s sandal bandwagon (it's just so much exposure!). This optic white pair with a sculptural heels feels like a more wearable version with more support around the toes. I plan to wear these with everything from low-slugs denim to dresses and midi skirts for summer." 

"As you can see, my new go-to sandals pair perfectly with this nude knit dress, which, in my opinion, is crazy-chic."

"I want to step up my necklace layering game this season by mixing in some color. This bead and shell version will stand out against my delicate pendants and chains."

"I'm coming up on my ninth year in Manhattan (one year away from becoming an official New Yorker!), which means I can't quite give up black in the summer. This flowy midi skirt is my perfect style with a tank top in warm weather. The natural details keep it from feeling out of touch in the sunny season."

Lauren Eggertsen, Fashion Editor at Who What Wear 

Shop her picks:

"An oversize blazer is the perfect lightweight jacket to throw on over a dress, jeans and a tee, and more."

"Wedges are officially back. Living in New York in the summer means lots of walking in lots of heat. These low-to-the-ground wedges are perfect for all my summer city needs."

"I'm a sucker for trends, and tie-dye is one I’ve been anxious to dive into come spring. I love this midi dress because it’s both festive and sleek."

"It might just be me, but a good cropped T-shirt sometimes seems hard to come by. I love this simple white version. The neckline, crop, and fit look just right."

"Sporty sandals are another trend I’m more than ready to wear this season. I love the contrast of pairing them with a cool suit or a frilly dress."

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