The Ultimate Spring Starter Pack: 7 Things You'll Regret Not Buying

Welcome to the Starter Pack series, a Who What Wear column that dives deep into the seasonal trends everyone's talking about.

Hopefully this isn't news to you, but spring 2019 is finally in full swing, and last we heard, it's our job to make sure you tackle the new season in style. Here at Who What Wear, we love spring for a multitude of reasons, and today, we're going to show you why we're so obsessed with the current season via our ultimate spring 2019 starter pack. 

What's a starter pack, you ask? Let us explain: A starter pack is essentially an extremely edited sartorial list of the must-have items and trends the season has to offer. Instead of handing you a laundry list of all the "cool" items people are talking about right now, we decided to share with you the seven spring things you'll regret not buying once you see everyone wearing said items on the streets, on Instagram, and everywhere in between. Brace yourself because your online shopping carts are about to become very full.

Short-Sleeve Cardigan

Not ready to retire your cozy knits? Then short-sleeved cardigans are here to meet you in the middle. Style them tucked into jeans, with a silk slip skirt, or wear them open over a white T-shirt.

Heeled Thongs

Before you start throwing shade on this shoe trend, we encourage you to keep an open mind. Since straight-up flip-flops might seem a bit too out-there, we feel like these chic heeled thongs are a perfect compromise. Could these foot-flattering soles replace the naked shoe in 2019? Quite possibly. 

Nothing new to see here, just another push to get you to wear anything and everything tie-dye. This spring trend is so fun and can be applied to any personal style type from minimalist to maximalist. 

Small Structures

Structured baby bags are taking the world of Instagram by storm as they serve the purpose of both handbag and photo prop. We suggest buying one you can actually fit a few things inside for maximum use, but if you'd prefer something like this little guy here, we will cast zero judgments. 

Big Blazers

Big blazers are the perfect spring jacket for the in-between—you know, that awkward time between winter and spring where it's warm but not warm enough to wear a jacket. The oversize fit makes any outfit feel instantly 10 times cooler, trust us.

Yes, we are bringing you yet another controversial shoe trend, but for the sake of content, these are much more fun to shop out than your average pretty sandal. These tourist-inspired sporty sandals are weird, yes, but are too comfortable to not test out. Come summer, you'll be regretting not buying a pair earlier on.

Head-to-Toe Beige

This spring, the more beige you can acquire, the better. Whether it be a tonal suit or a pair of loose utility pants, this hue is one that encompasses more than one trend at a time, making it a heavy-hitter in our wardrobes this season. Hopefully, it will be in yours as well. 

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