7 Spring Trends That Do the Absolute Most

I'm sure this isn't news to you, but spring 2021 is finally in full swing, and last we heard, it's our job to make sure you arrive in the new season in style. Here at Who What Wear, we love spring for many reasons, and today, I'm here to share the spring fashion trends that do the absolute most.

This is essentially a list of the must-have items and cool trends this season has to offer that have the biggest impact. Instead of handing over an edit of trendy basics or practical pieces, I wanted to share the seven spring things that are high-octane, high-impact, and too cool to ignore. You'll find plenty of bold color, stylish takes on the season's "naked" trends, and the emerging trends that are set to take over. Brace yourselves because I promise you'll want to add all of these to your cart right away.

Bare Midriff Tops

Spring shopping fashion trends: bare midriff tops



One of the many "naked" trends that have emerged for spring, bare midriff tops are the one I can't stop thinking about. With cool takes from brands like Jacquemus and Sami Miro Vintage, you just know every fashion person will be wearing them in no time.

Revenge Heels

After a year living in house shoes and sneakers, I'm suddenly craving some show-stopping heels to add to my closet. With the rise of "revenge heels", it turns out I'm not alone.

We're seeing so many cool prints this spring and fashion people can't get enough of them. From Versace's S/S 21 sea-themed collection to Gucci's recently-launched Ken Scott capsule collection, get ready to embrace bold, colorful prints.


Spring shopping fashion trends: logos



A few years back, logomania took hold of the fashion scene. Now, designers are reimagining what logo items look like. They're just as high-impact, but a bit less flashy than what we were seeing in the past.

Our editors can't stop talking about the shades of pink that have been popping up and there's no doubt that hot pink is everywhere for spring. One of the many saturated shades that are taking over, you'll want this in your closet immediately.

3-Piece Swimsuits

I actually won't stop talking about my love for the three-piece swimsuit trend. Can you tell I'm very ready to get to the beach to put this to the test?

Bold bright green has quickly taken over as the color of the season. If you're looking for something that immediately has a high impact, this is most definitely it.